Best Service Epic World library review


Yo what’s good fam, back with another review for ya.

Today I’m checking out another library from Best Service and Eduardo Tarilonte….

A few weeks ago I checked out Forest Kingdom, which I loved….so wanted to review this one as well.

It’s called Epic World….more cinematic ambiances and instruments

Let’s check it out!

What is Epic World?

It’s a collection of cinematic landscapes, pads, riffs, drones, transitions and voices.

Unlike many other cinematic libraries, this stuff is based on acoustic sources…which I really like.

It’s aimed at creating beds, background movement, and ambiance for film, games, documentaries, and anything else you may wish to infuse with it’s sound.

Quick Specs

  • content: 7gb, over 350 patches
  • format: Best Service Engine
  • price: $341.19

But how does it sound?

I love it!

What I dig about Eduardo’s libraries, is how he brings and acoustic and organic sound to the cinematic library genre.

Most of the time, though they sound great, cinematic libraries have a really synthetic bias. Digital transitions, stingers, and impacts, not so much a full collection of organically acoustic sounds.

Sure there’s other specialty libraries that cater to a specific acoustic sound, but when you’re talking an entire collection, it’s usually infused with some synthetic content.

The sounds here are airy and realistic yet have been tweaked to have an “other worldly” sound to them. Many of the the drones and pads instantly spark your imagination or bring up scenes from various films and movies you’ve seen over the years.

The way you can control the layers within a patch is just plain easy and fun, especially when you start assigning them to your midi controller or automating them in your daw.

The sound is excellent, and the patches are inspiring to play with, as you can see…I’m a fan and I don’t try to hide it at all.

So what’s the bottom line?

Get it! Seriously.

If you’re into cinematic libraries, or even just organic soundscapes and pads, get this. No question.

It’s just an all around high quality, fun to play, easy to use library that just sounds incredible.

I’ve always loved ambient pads and sounds, the flutes in here are very awesome. The pads are so smooth and lush, and the drones can be movie scenes on their own.

I give this library 5 out of 5 subs, it’s really great and really offers an alternative to a lot of the “me too” cinematic libraries out here. I like that it doesn’t go with the “synthetic” standard many seem to follow, and because of that, the sound it brings is refreshing and unique.

I feel like I’ve waited to long to checkout what Eduardo Tarilonte is doing, but I’m glad I did…I absolutely love his stuff! I will definitely be looking forward to more from him.

give it a try at

or check it out at best service:

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  1. That’s was a wild review. Normally, Being the person that I am I’d have to debate about the rating. But I gotta say on this one, I agree on that 5 out of 5. It’s looks like Best Service is trying to strong arm the game in this arena.


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