Maschine Mikro Tutorial – how to choose groups from the hardware


Yo what’s good fam!

Maschine Mikro hit the stores today and I wanted to share a quick little video showing how to choose groups

As you may notice, there are no dedicated group buttons on the Mikro controller, but it’s still quick to access groups


more videos available at the maschine tutorials website


    • @Michael Blue, I am probably biased as I’m used to the regular one, so I wouldn’t replace it with the Mikro, but I like the Mikro as a second controller for travel and I love the feel of the pads on this one better than the original (hope the update the original one)

      However, for someone new to Maschine, it’s a good way to get into the system at a lower price and still get a similar hands on feel that many love.

      But there are things you will just end up doing with the mouse where on the standard Maschine controller you would have knobs for it.

  1. I agree with you SJ, the Mikro is good for travel or new-comers but lacks the more immediate access to parameters and functions that it’s big brother gives. Recently I had a chance to play with a Mikro at the IMSTA Festa in NYC, and let me say that all the fun is definitely there (surprisingly I somehow impressed the NI rep. *lol* imagine that, the novice that I am) however certain things may take a different route to get there (i.e. automation). Going from Maschine to the Mikro did feel odd for a brief moment until I became accustomed to the function buttons. In my opinion, I feel as with any instrument, it comes down to practice and muscle memory eventually. I highly recommend the IMSTA Festa for those in the NYC-Metro area, the Hank Shocklee panels were enlightning and filled with no nonsense info.. Also props to the Image-Line crew, a lot of people have slept on FL Studio, but good-lawd, I had no idea it has so much under the hood and keeps growing!

      • @Blak MacGuyVaH/ SUM-DOGZ PROD, folks do sleep, FL been holding it down for a while, def a powerful program for sure. I wouldn’t say there is nothing like it though, there are many full workstation programs out here. Ableton, Sonar, Logic,etc….just different methods of operation.

    • @Jamari, yeah, I dig it, and the more you mess with it the more familiar you get. One thing I’m not diggin right now is the knob resolution when I’m choping/adjusting samples. It’s a little too coarse for my tastes.

  2. Difference in the pads? Are they a little softer? I always felt they where a bit to stiff, although the response and sensitivity was fine. I prefer softer pads like an MPC or the padKONTROL.

    I’m with you, a mark 2 version of the controller is exactly what I’m hoping for. (Faders, Tilt Screen, dare I dream Cursor/Jogwheel 🙂 )

    This is great NI is doing the Mikro though, perhaps it’s even a sign they might offer a more advanced controller separately as Maschine is becoming more of line/brand.(A very smart move).

    • @Metatron72, yes, way softer/smoother…they feel really nice bro.

      I’m def looking for a “pro” controller, but I would even be happy if they started shipping the standard controller with the new pads, or just send me a pad upgrade lol.

      NI is killing it though, turning Maschine into it’s own “ecosystem” I like it.

    • @Metatron72, the pads are the same size & consistency. At seems as if the multi-function rotary was adopted from the X1, it would be nice if they would develop a break-out item the could plug into Maschine’s midi-in either via cable or usb. Something like that with an additional screen, multi-function knobs & faders would make a nice complementary control surface.

      • @Jamari, like the new steinberg controllers!

        yeah the pads are the same size, but the feel/response is different, they specifically changed the feel of the pads due to user reqeusts/reports.

        Much more comfortable now, very noticeable when you have both side by side. Night and day even.

        • @saintjoe, say word! I was able to spend some quality time with those as well at the event. Of course the intergration with Cubase/Nuendo is fairly plug & play, yet the rep was nice enough to let those of us with laptops try it out with our software of choice. The only thing that I didn’t care for is that the “AI” multi-knob currently doesn’t have an editable parameters, however the rep mentioned that it’s in development.
          I would highly recommend checking out RealGuitar by MusicLab, this plug-in is riddiculous in the right hands (Jeffery Abbott gave a phenominal demonstration), kind of like Pianotec for accoustic/electric guitar in regards to sound.

    • @Blak MacGuyVaH/ SUM-DOGZ PROD, nah, wouldn’t even compare it to that. This still does everything, has the same number of pads, and comes with the same OS. People wanted something smaller, both current users and others who didn’t want to pay as much for the big one.

      Besides, though I’m not a fan of the 500, people still bought and used it, and liked it. Different strokes I guess. They are covering their bases here.

      I have many who told me they were gonna buy it, just because it was priced lower and they didn’t want the “big controller”.

  3. I haven’t had a chance mess with the Mikro yet…I do like the concept although I probably won’t buy one. NI has done something very smart by coming up with a lower priced entry level controller for the folks that just aren’t sure about spending close to $700 on maschine. I can see some MPC heads giving it a try to get a taste then moving on to big brotha maschine maybe?

    Very smart NI…salude

    • @Madbull Studios, exactly man lol, they cover all bases. For those that have the big one but want a smaller one for space, travel, etc…it’s a good thing. For those that wanted to “try it out” but not spend the 600-700 to do so…now they can, at a very attractive price yet still get full functionality.

    • @Mehdo, I been waiting for them to do a keyboard forever man, I hope they do it. Would be perfect with the Komplete integration now, needs to have some nice knobs, faders and other controls but should totally integrate with Maschine….or with Komplete if you don’t have Maschine.

  4. Def was a smart move to bring this out and the iphone app does look awesome cant wait for it to come out. But i grabbed maschine for 550 from guitar center it was on sale but i think the best place to get equipment if they have it is cuz u can do the 4 easy payments option thats what im gonna do with komplete and i believe they are the only ones with the cross grade option so komplete 8 with cross grade is only $369.00 so that would be 4 payments of $92.25 or what i really want is Komplete Ultimate cross grade is $750 compared to the $1000 regular so 4 payments would be $187.25

    • @Gary Bichell, I agree fam, I buy most of my gear from zzounds as well lol, for that same reason. Been doing it for years!

      But yeah, the mikro is nice, I just like that Maschine is becoming more of a brand or product line and not just a single product.


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