Battery Powered MPC One with MyVolts Ripcord Cable


I really like the size and layout of the Akai MPC One. Ever since I bought it I’ve been using it in my living room mostly. I like to use this one away from all of my other gear when I’m on the couch hanging out with the family, watching TV, or just making music.

So I bought a Ripcord cable from MyVolts to use with a battery pack so that I wouldn’t have to plug it in and run a cable or extension cord from behind the couch, or something. Also, keeps me from having a long power cable that could accidentally get stuck in the footrest LOL!

The Ripcord converts 5v USB power to whatever output you need. I bought a 19v version for the MPC One and it is working really well. Plus they have a bunch of other voltage versions for different types of gear.

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    • Shortly after getting this, I switched to the XT power bank, it seems more stable than this setup and no issues with the initial startup current draw


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