Battery Powered MPC One, MPC X, & Akai Force with the XT Power Pack


Ever since I got the MPC One, I’ve been trying to find a good way to use it with a battery. I did a video on using the MPC with the myvolts ripcord, which worked ok. However, I got a suggestion on that video to look into the XT Power Pack, and I’m glad I did!

This battery puts out much more current, up to 4A, which covers the requirement for the MPC One, the MPC X, and the Akai Force, as they all have the same power requirements. 19 volts, 3.42 Amps.

It also comes with a DC output plug, as well as multiple USB outputs. I use it for the DC output jack, but it’s good to know I can hook up a USB device if I want to.

When I tested it with the MPC One, I got around 7.5 hours and had 5% battery left, not bad! The DC cable could be a little smaller for my tastes but it’s all good. Definitely worth the 89 bucks I spent on it.

If you’re looking for something to power your Akai devices, this one deserves a consideration. It also comes with DC jacks to fit other products, for example, one of them fits the Maschine+ (I think I lost it though lol!)

Buy the XT Power Pack:

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