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Sample Logic Morphestra Generations

I remember the first time I saw Morphestra, it was actually in a magazine of some sort, I hadn’t fully committed to software yet But this product looked amazing….

That was a few years ago This past summer Sample Logic had a crazy blowout sale, and I bought Morphestra along with a few other things.

And all was good….. Then, those crazy guys at Sample Logic recently introduced Morphestra Generations!

They took the original content, and bossed it up a bit, still including the original instruments. I was definitely interested….so let’s check this out!

What is Morphestra Generations? morphestragenerationsbox

This is a product they created in conjuntion with Kirk Hunter Studios…yes…the orchestral guy

So, you can imagine a huge orchestral library in the hands of those mad sound doctors at Sample Logic So Morphestra Generations is basically a huge collection of sound design, atmospheres, impacts, kits, hits, transitions, an instruments all based off of  psycho-acoustic sounds.

Think bells, guitars, world instruments, strings, horns, woodwinds, drums, percussion and more…..all deeply “Samplelogified”… Oh yeah…that word just happened!

It’s a huge library, a deeply sampled instrument, of epic, sound manipulation proportions.

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderWell I started off in the atmospheres and got lost…in a good way. I love the multi layers and textures you get from a single key press, the sounds are very long and evolving.

So many different textures and movements programmed into the sounds allows for some really unique character.

But it didn’t stop there, what impressed me the most was the diversity in the library. I mean sure you have the epic sound design stuff, but there were also very useful “traditional” elements as well.

Some of the bells, percussion, pianos, strings, winds, etc…were just plain awesome sounding.

It definitely sounds great, but for me the main draw is the diversity, it’s not so niche that it only has one sound throughout, it’s a very deep library that has multiple different elements and textures to play with.

So what’s the bottom line?

Like I said, I’ve been a fan of Morphestra ever since I saw the add in that magazine (it came on it’s own HD so it had to be awesome right?)

When I finally got my hands on it through their crazy sale I was definitely pleased, however, they took it to to a totally new level with Morphestra Generations 5subs

I give this library 5 out of 5 subs, it delevers tons of content that is diverse, complex, and most of all fun to play while maintaining it’s high sound quality.

If you’re into film, TV, media, or video game composition this is one of those must have libraries.

However, if you just wish to add a huge collection of high quality professionally morphed, mangled, and re-purposed sounds to your collection it’s something you may wish to look at as well. I personally love these types of sounds, and I feel the source material allows it to have a much more organic than electronic feel, which is perfect for me personally and I’m sure many others will agree.

Checkout their demos and info on the site:

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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18 Responses to “Sample Logic Morphestra Generations”

  1. richard says:

    i watched all 38 minutes…other level stuff…great review…

  2. Needles says:

    …just did too!
    I got lost in it very quickly.
    There’s some sorcery goin’ on here.

  3. Michael Shuman says:

    Real great and crazy sounds…some of those sounds were freaking me out as well…lol…I really liked that Impakt review as well!

  4. Prototype II says:

    I took a day off from work to watch this video review lol.

    Always good to get into the deep of those upgrades, to see what they improved. I am still in doubt if I should upgrade my Morphestra. The effects added like arp, lfo etc, I already got some FX plugins do that. So I am not sure if it’s really worth the upgrade?

  5. dj jambone says:

    Nice Saint….

  6. Baddboy2000 says:

    SJ, This is a good library. Thanks for the review.

  7. Sam says:

    Cheers for the review… Im going to pick it up a but later.

  8. MatGk says:

    Nice to hear a lot of sounds in M.G., thanks for that!!
    I’m considering to upgrade, but I find no sort of “comparison chart” with the previous release.

    • saintjoe says:

      I believe it includes everything from the original in addition to the new stuff, so it’s the full “latest version”.

  9. Liiito says:

    Looks awesome! Quick question, how is it this includes the original Morphestra library plus new content but it is a smaller file size?


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