SynthMaster Sound Demo: Big Tone Signature Sounds Vol 1


Hey fam, got another expansion for SynthMaster to show you

This one is the Big Tone Signature Sounds Vol 1

I feel like this one is a great representation of the diversity available in the SynthMaster sound engine.

It covers all types of sounds from classic/vintage, to electronic, techno, contemporary, and even evolving ambient soundscapes.

He also programmed a lot of modulation into the sounds so you can tweak them with the modwheel, pitchwheel, and quick macro knobs.

Check it out!

Remember you can pick it up directly from the SynthMaster website, currently all expansions and the plugin itself are 35% off through  Jan 1st, 2014

Still have a few more to go through, if you have any specifics you want to see or any questions just let me know!

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