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Prime Loops Smooth Keys EP library review

Yo whasup! Been a minute since I did one of these! Had to get my new location all ready lol.

Anyway, today I’m back chopping and slicing loops, checking out some ep sounds from

This one comes from their Smooth Keys library

So let’s check it out!

What is Smooth Keys?

Exactly what it sounds like, a collection of around 140 electric piano loops.

The styles range from pop and funk to rnb and jazz styles with even some ambient/chillout thrown in.

These aren’t short riffs, these are long loops and performances so there’s a lot to work with here.

The variety of styles definitely makes it a joy to work with

Quick Specs

  • content: over 140 loops
  • format: acid, wave, apple, ableton, garageband, flstudio, roland fantom, roland mv,
  • price: $14.06

How does it sound?

This is a very diverse sounding library, I expected them all to have a smooth jazz feel but they do not, there’s a nice mixture of some funky riffs as well as some really mellow, almost avant garde type stuff.

The recordings are done well and the loops are long enough to provide plenty of variety.

I also like that the key of the sample is included in the sample name along with the tempo, most companies include the tempo, but not all include the key. This definitely makes it quicker to work the samples into your compositions.

I even like the fact that some of the loops have a lil amp/dirt or distortion to them, works good for some of the funk/jazz loops

So what’s the bottom line?

Well if you’ve been around here for a while you know I’m an EP junkie, I just can’t get enough of them. What I really enjoyed about this library is the diversity, you can really find a lot of different sounding loops and phrases here.

That’s always a plus.

The recordings are done well so they have a great tone to them with no nasty pops, clicks, or other artifacts that riddle many amateur sound companies.

I found it very useful, I give this library 4 out of 5 subs.

The price to content ratio is nice too, for around 15 bucks, you definitely get a lot of content to work with, and not a bunch of “almost the same but slightly different” loops, there are really a lot of different styles covered.

Good stuff.

Definitely go on over to and check it out if you’re into EP samples.

let me know what ya think, leave me a comment below!

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18 Responses to “Prime Loops Smooth Keys EP library review”

  1. tony says:

    i agree with 4 out of 5 and the price is right but wish they came in rex format too

    • saintjoe says:

      @tony, word, I thought they did, maybe I just forgot to put it, but yeah, nice kit.

    • @tony, Yeah I agree, that’s a must for a kit these days. Gotta have it in Rex. But the price is legit. Prime Loops always comes with it. Yo Saint Joe sorry about your gear, bro. That’s too bad with the water and all.

      • saintjoe says:

        @Dirty Sanchez, no doubt fam, I guess I did’t pay attention as I’m not big on rex files. But I feel ya!

        Thanks for the support fam, finally got everything back to normal and able to show the vids again lol. I was jus doing the screen capture vids for a while! It’s all good though!

  2. Ledge says:

    dope library ima definitely cop. And I like that hard kick you put on it.

  3. PJ Blues says:

    Man, I like these loops. They are so smooth and sweet. I am really into this set.

  4. Thomasgreco says:

    I heard some nice phrases in there. $14 is decent for sure!

  5. souln1 says:

    yeah im grabbing these fasho and not a bad price from other places i’ve seen….thanks for the links bro

  6. sky says:

    primeloops always comes in handy.

  7. jamari says:

    Thanks for putting me up on this, it’ll be $14 well spent. Good look on the new set-up,how are liking the krk’s? I’m in the market for some monitors (laptop) as well, my ears can’t decide between them or the BX5′s.

    • saintjoe says:

      @jamari, no doubt fam, I was surprised at the price actually lol, as for the krks, I really dig them…so much so, I’m considering buying their new studio headphones lol. good stuff.

  8. Mehdo says:

    yo that was some dope stuff hey when did you get the new board with all the knobs Im looking for a 88 or 61 key my self I havea 32 key right now


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