Winter NAMM Show 2019 Coverage



It’s time for NAMM!

I’ll be covering the NAMM show again this year, so I wanted to gather all of my links in one place so you know where to find my coverage and content.


Of course keep an eye and subscribe on YouTube channel for videos as well as possibly some live footage at times

As you know, I’m a one man operation in terms of video recording, editing, interviews, etc,so make sure to keep up with me on other platforms while waiting for the full videos, as they will be uploaded as they are edited and generally take longer to hit the channel.


Make sure you’re following me on Instagram as this is where I tend to post pictures and quick videos throughout the show.  There may be times where I go live here, or post things in my story that aren’t on the main IG feed.


I make sure to send all of my IG posts to Twitter also, so if you’re not on IG or you’re on Twitter more you can still keep up with what’s going on. Sometimes I may post quick comments or thoughts during the show as well.


If you’re mainly on Facebook, make sure you like/follow the SoundsAndGear page over there as whatever I post on Instagram goes directly to my Facebook page as well. I don’t generally post here directly but it is still an easy way to keep up with what I’m posting if  you prefer this network.

Eventually all of my post will be up on the NAMM section of this site:

I try to keep it updated through the show & definitely get everything posted once the show is over. This is mainly for archive purposes as an easy place to go back and see all of my videos from NAMM in one spot.

If you have anything specific you want me to try and cover let me know, I can’t make an promises but I always try to checkout the things you want see.

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