Welcome to Learn Your Gear – New Music Production Show/Series


I did a video a couple of months ago announcing a new show that would be coming to the site/channel along with a new personal channel.

You can check out that video here if you missed it:

Today I wanted to do an official “welcome” for the new show …Learn Your Gear.

The whole idea behind this show is that each episode will be based on one specific topic, and my goal is to try and extract useful, actionable information from the folks on that episode that can be used in your own productions, workflow, etc.

Whoever is on a particular episode will be well-versed in the topic that is being covered.

I’m really excited about this and looking forward to having fun with everyone as well as learning myself!

Make sure to join the Facebook group to interact with us around the show, topics, ideas, as well as music production and creation in general.

Checkoutย the sites for everyone in the intro video:

Stay tuned and be sure to share the video/post!

You can also leave comments below in regards to topics, ideas, and what you hope to see.


    • Thanks bro! This show itself will not be a live stream currently, different format. Similar to my interviews. But there may be special things we do live, we will see ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Ha Joe , I just got a chance to watch a couple of your Learn Your Gear shows and
    this is going to a Hit for the new people wanting this type of info for there craft. I will be steering people to this site for them too like at. Your lineup of guest have a lot of wisdom and expertise in there craft. Also I enjoy watching the Sounds and Gear channel on You Tube. Thanks for what you are doing. God Bless.


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