Interview: Marv Glaspie @Marv4MoBeats – Production, Business, Mobile Apps, & Education


Hey what’s good fam! Got another interview for you, this time I caught up with my brother Marv Glaspie aka Marv4MoBeats.

We talk about how he got started in production, creating music for a group through his church, into doing production for some of the biggest names in the Gospel rap industry.

We also get into what he’s learned about business, how he was able to get his product into the right hands, as well as creating professional tracks using his iPad, Beatmaker 2 (soon to be 3), and other apps.

His podcast “The ShowLab Producer Podcast” as well as his producer conference “The Showcase Producer Conference”Β were also topics of discussion.

Make sure to follow him and check out his site at marv4mobeats.comΒ Β and subscribe to his YouTube channel at Marv4MoBeats YouTube

On the go? Prefer audio format? Check out the podcast!


  1. It’s always cool listening to stories how people got their starts and progressed…especially cool to hear about all the, now, antiquated equipment used…however, you guys make me feel old!!! I got my first Moog (Prodigy) back when I was in HS in the early-to-mid 70s…we used to have to record on one of those cheap hand held cassette recorders…the first “sampler” I owned was a Casio (still have it in a trunk at home somewhere)…the little keyboard had a mic where you could record a few seconds of material…the 1st real recording device I had was a TEAC 4-Trac Recorder which I bought from Shirley Temple’s son…that thing gave me a lot of good years until it finally broke down and I replaced it with the beginnings of my, now current, home studio…cool stuff, man, I really enjoyed this!!

  2. Dope interview there was a lot of knowledge and insight drop in this one. I am fairly new to the production game so it was really good to hear his take on the business side and his overall perspective as I am Christian as well. I solute you two brothers, I found this video very helpful and encouraging!


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