Triton Audio FetHead mic preamp review


Hey what’s good fam! Got something a little different for you today, it’s a mic preamp.

This is from Triton Audio out of the Netherlends, they let me know about the product and asked if I would be interested in doing a review.

Of course I wanted to check it out and you’ll see why below

So what is the FetHead?

This is an inline mic preamp, meaning, you just plug it between your mixer/cable and the mic.

Supply phantom power to it and it provides a nice gain stage for your dynamic mics.

The idea behind the FetHead is low noise with good sound output.

The reason I was interested in it was the form factor, I found it pretty cool that it was an inline preamp, making it straight forward to use for anyone.

How does it sound?

For me, I find the sound to be much fuller and warmer with my mic.

I feel my voice sounds much more natural and “open” going through the FetHead, as I always felt it was a little “filtered” or somewhat muffled from my interface.

I just felt like my mic wasn’t getting enough preamplification.

However, the sound coming out of the FetHead just sound very natural and clean.

It’s very low noise and makes it so I don’t even need to mess with a compressor or anything to get a strong sounding vocal track.

What’s the bottom line?

If you need a simple and straight forward mic pre, definitely check this out. It has a rich warm sound and provides a really dynamic signal.

I give the FetHead 4 out of 5 subs, there aren’t any options to mess with, but that’s okay, because it simply sounds great.

Another reason I wanted to show this to you is the price, it’s 69 euros, which converts to about $91 USD.

I think for the improvements that can be had

I got a little too close to the mic a few times in my video but hopefully you were able to get an idea of what this can do.

Of course it will sound different depending on your mic but I’m definitely a believer in the technology.

Check it out on their site: Triton Audio FetHead

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think


  1. SJ: The Triton addition seem to make a great difference in the sound of your audio. This is a must buy for any vocalist. “The packaging is cool too.” Thanks for the review.

  2. Quick question. I have been using my friends Fethead to boost the sound from my double bass pickup, ie as a preamp straight into the desk. It sounds awesome. My question is, will this have any adverse effects on the unit? Is it gonna go pop during a gig?



  3. What an excellent device. I see you’re using a Rode Procaster. I’m actually looking at getting the Procaster as a mic for my voice overs. How do you find the mic? I’m going to get the FetHead as well as my MBox 2 Pro doesn’t have sufficient gain on the preamps for the Procaster. I don’t want to boost my preamps too much as it will bring the noise floor up as well, and the FetHead looks great at adding 20db clean gain without pushing up the noise floor. Thanks for the review.

    • I really dig the Procaster, it does require a lot of gain to sound good but I definitely enjoy the sound I get out of it. You won’t be disappointed at all, it’s a great mic, the FetHead is a great device as well. I noticed it works better with some interfaces than others depending on how the interface handles input.

        • Man I think it makes any interface sound good, I currently use a Roland Studio capture that’s nice, it also worked well on my NI komplete audio 6 and my focusrite stuff. Those are the only ones I’ve tried. Well, I had a motu also, it sounded good on there.

  4. Thank saintjoe,

    There’s not alot of information out there on this microphone but glad to hear its a great mic. From what I have read people its sits between an RE-20 and a SM7.

    Can’t wait to get it and the FetHead.

  5. hey there man,

    I am thinking of buying the rode procaster once i save up for it and pre-amp audio usb interface. So does this work well with the scarlett 2i2 audio usb pre-amp? Is the fethead needed as an extra for the procaster in addition to this pre-amp i am mentioning? I am new to all this but have heard grear reviews of this mic sounding goood especially for voice-overs. how will this all work out to put it if u are putting the mxl to usb cable from the rode procaster to the scarlett then to computer? Would there be an extra spot to put in the fethead into the procaster? And what fethead to use? I dont need the one with phantom power as it is nor needed for dynamic mics I have heard. What fethead were u using in this video for the rode procaster? this just helps u give out more gain right if u have the gain set all the way in your pre-amp? I have heard the rode procaster needs from 50-60 db of gain. I would be recording from recordpad by nch and then using wavepad sound editor if there needs to be any editing afterwards although I have heard it needs not that much editing with this mic.

    • The FET Head is used as an additional gain stage before it goes into your interface to provide more output from the mic. It should work with the 2i2 but I haven’t tried it as I don’t use that one. As long as the interface can output phantom power you should be good.

  6. thanks saintjoe for your response. I am saving up for this still the mic pre-amp etc. I believe I am probably going to go with the pre-amp of Roland Quadcapture I read reviews on the pre-amp and looks like it would do well with it. what is your opinion?

  7. oh also I see you have the roland studio capture and looked it up and it has the auto-sense as well how do you like that feature? I am new to pre-amps and that is another reason why I am thinking of buying a roland quadcapture because of that. I don’t know if it would do well for just voice though of finding the right gain automatically, the videos i saw of it was people just hooking up a guitar or whatnot and the auto-sense did its job. I wonder how it does on voice?

    • Focusrite 2i2 preamp sounds better than that of roland duo capture. I have both plus both these interfaces have phantom power on them so will be ok with fethead i also ordered fethead for my sm58 its on its way. So gonna chk how this setup works.

      • Nice man, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Once I got the Roland Studio Capture I haven’t used the Fethead much, preamps on there are nice. I may try it again just to see how it sounds through the Roland though.

      • Thanks saintjoe this review of yours made my mind to go for fethead over cloud lifter. I just felt to my ears fethead sounds better than cloud lifter. Is fethead good for shure sm58.

        • Thanks for watching! I haven’t used the Cloud Lifter but they have a Fethead for dynamic mics, condensers, and tubes, instruments, etc, so make sure you get the proper one ๐Ÿ™‚

          I think it would sound great on any dynamic mic honestly.


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