Syntorial interactive synthesizer tutorial review


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Hope all is well, got a new review for you and I think it’s something folks will really enjoy.

This review is on “Syntorial” which is a tutorial on synthesis….but there’s a twist.

There’s a synth built in!

Let’s check it

So what is Syntorial?

syntorialSo imagine a synthesizer course that takes you from the very basic parts of a synth and progresses step by step.

Now imagine that immediately after you learn each step or part of the synth, you’re tested on it.

However, it’s not just a multiple choice test, you actually have to program the synth based on what you learn!

So not only do you learn what the parts of the synth do, you’re required to implement what you learn by programming a patch based on those concepts you’ve learned.

Now don’t get alarmed, you don’t have to program a bunch of stuff at once, for example, the first test is hearing the difference between a pulse and saw wave, that’s it

As you progress, you get more and more parameters to tweak and apply.

Quick Specs

  • content: 129 challenges, 147 videos, 706 patches, 64 synth parameters, 39 quizzes, 33 “on your own” tasks
  • format: Mac and PC
  • price: $129.99
  • product page:Β

So what’s the bottom line?

Well being that this is mainly a tutorial product, no need to dedicate a whole section to the sound of the synth, which is very usable I must say.

Overall, I REALLY dig the concept here, I think it takes learning to a whole new level and makes understanding the parameters and HOW they impact the sound so much easier as you focus on what you hear and not just what you see.

4andhalfsubsI give Syntorial 4.5 out of 5 subs, I think it’s a great learning tool, a very capable synth, and a fun challenge for synth users of all levels.

My one gripe, the one thing I would really like to see, is plugin capabilities.

It would really be cool to build your patches and be able to use this directly in your DAW after you go through the course.

By the time you are done you will have quite a few patches that you’ve built, and many would love to be able to use those patches in their sequencer of choice.

Other than that, man I dig it, I really dig it a lot. Good stuff, make sure you checkout the demo:Β

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  1. Thanks for the review saintjoe! We totally agree with you about the plugin version, which is why we’re currently making the AU/VST version of Syntorial’s synth, Primer, which will be included with Syntorial.

  2. hello SJ

    I didn’t know you reviewed it, I got it last month and it is addictive. I LOVE IT
    I’m near lesson 62 (of 200?) and it takes time but I really hope to learn everything.
    Would absolutely buy it again. And maybe, after i finished, i’ll check the Rob Papen book again. That was way too passive to start with, for me.


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