SynthMaster Sound Demo: Michael Kastrup Expansion 2


Hey what’s good fam!

Here with another sound demo for SynthMaster 2, this time checking out the Michael Kastrup expansion vol 2

It’s a nice collection of presets covering electronic, vintage, digital, and even a few keyboard and string sounds.

Check it out

As always, you can pick this expansion up directly on the SynthMaster website:


      • gotcha I was just wondering.,,lol I was thinking of getting one but then it seems software is getting more dirty and gold baby is making more synths too. I really dont think hardware has as big as an advantage as it used too besides some sounds you just cant find and the fun factor. other than that quality is what and what I feel..

        • Oh it has an advantage, I definitely prefer hardware in most situations when it comes to synths, I like software for “real” instruments and stuff you can’t do with hardware. However, it’s preference, and I mainly like grabbing knobs and buttons, but I came up that way so it’s kinda what I’m used to. There are some awesome softwares out here though!

  1. hence why im buying my fantom x6 again and looking at used guitar synths. Theres always that thing that just works better, faster , and sounds better than software that keeps pulling me back… If roland made a fantom to where i could put my drum samples or other samples on it with computer ease and more tracks id never touch my computer until i was tracking out…lol

    • I feel you man, in the end it’s all about workflow and how you like to work, there’s good tools both hardware and software and I don’t have a problem using/mixing both together 🙂


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