Boom and Bap: The Blackout Drums Swoon Kit Review


So it’s always cool to see new sound developers pop up on the scene.

This is the first kit from and it looks like they will be bringing some useful sounds

This joint is definitely aimed at urban producers and uses a nice variety of layering and sound combinations to deliver some useful drums.

The folder organization is on point so it’s very easy to get in and grab what you need.

If you’re looking for some hard hitting drums that have a little extra character to them, this may be something to checkout

Quick Specs


  1. Wassup Saintjoe,

    Been following u a while and enjoy all your reviews
    and everything you do. I have a sound kit im working on
    and would love to have u review it. Please let me know your

    If interested, check me out at
    I’m all about helping others excel to the next level kinda of
    how u inform us beatmakers of the various tools we can use
    to help improve our craft.



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