Spitfire Audio Epic Strings Library Demo



If you haven’t heard, Spitfire Audio has a new series of instruments called “Originals” which are focused libraries taken from Albion 1 and reworked, placed in their new custom sample plugin, and given a very attractive price.

I’ve been a fan of a lot of the sounds from Spitifire for many years, but when I saw this one I definitely wanted to check it out as the price of only $29 bucks brings it within reach of most musicians. If I didn’t do what I do, review sounds and tech, then there are definitely some of the Spitfire libraries I wouldn’t have had a chance to use, but…this new series changes that for everyone which I think is dope!

Looking forward to seeing what else they bring to this series!

Check it out: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/originals#epic-strings

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