Sequential Oberheim OB-6 Quick Sound Demo & Why I Dig It!


I’ve had my eye on this synth for years, I’m a sucker for a classic sounding analog. There is a certain tone and vibe I look for in my synths, plus the immediacy of the interface which makes it a joy to use.

Shout out to for letting me check this out for a bit while I decide if I want to make it permanent or not. Spoiler alert, I’m already in love!

This isn’t a review, I just haven’t been this impressed by the sound of a synthesizer in a while, when playing the very first patch I instantly knew this had a tone I would enjoy.

I like things that are slightly unstable, imperfect, but full of character. I wasn’t sure if the OB would be a bit too wild or harsh for my taste, but something about hearing demos over the years made me feel like I could find something in there that fit my style. I was right.

The controls and layout of the synth are also top notch in my opinion, everything is really easy to use. That won’t stop me from cracking open the manual to dig into the secrets this bad boy holds.

So yeah, hopefully this quick demo will give you an idea of why I dig this synth, why it has been on my list for a few years, and why it has quickly become one of my favorites.

Wanna grab one for yourself, feel free to use the link below:

Buy the OB-6:–1786589/item–DAVOB6MOD?siid=189028

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