Review: Novation Audiohub 2×4 Audio Interface and USB Hub


Hey what’s good fam?

Back with a new review, this one is a new interface from Novation.

I wanted to check it out for my iPad, so let’s dig in!

What is the Audiohub 2×4?

It’s an audio interface that’s also a USB hub.

audiohub_2x4It works with Mac and PC, as well as iOS…which is why I wanted to check it out.

It’s got 2 inputs, 4 outputs, and a 3 port USB hub built in.

I consider it a mobile or portable unit because it’s such a compact size, but also feels really well built.

The case is aluminum with plastic on the front and back, and the knobs feel really smooth with no wobble at all.

Quick Specs

What’s the bottom line?

This is a great audio device, especially for my use as an iPad interface. It sounds great, both the input and output get the job done, and the output can get pretty loud!

I also dig how rugged it is, it really feels well built with smooth knobs and it’s aluminum case.

I absolutely LOVE the USB hub functionality, this allows me to connect all types of USB MIDI devices directly to my iPad.

4andhalfsubsOverall I give the Audiohub 4.5 out of 5 subs, depending on your needs, this is the perfect interface for iOS connectivity. 

I’m sure it would fit the needs of those looking for a straight forward interface on their Mac or PC  as well, but I specifically wanted to test it as an iPad interface.

There was nothing to setup, just plug and go.

It would have been cool to see traditional 5 pin MIDI connections, and I’m sure some would have liked to see a couple of XLR combo jacks, but even without those it’s just a really great device.

If they somehow made it so you could charge your iOS device while the unit is plugged in that would be crazy.

Overall, I love this thing man, I’ve tried many different options for using my iPad in my setup, as I mainly use it as an instrument or wireless controller. So being able to connect a controller directly to the interface and getting great high quality audio output gave me the options I was looking for.

If you’re looking for an iOS interface and you don’t need xlr/preamps then I highly suggest checking this out.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.


  1. The purchase-link leads to a page that says: “You have arrived here because the page that you are looking for no longer exists. Please browse the categories and services below to find what you are looking for”. I tried to search for it there, but no result.

  2. SaintJoe, thanks for this excellent review. Because I’m new at this I still get a bit confused. I’m switching my “old school” double keyboard live rig from 2 workstations
    to one and an Impulse 61 hooked up to an iPAD AIr2. I’m mainly using the iPAD Air 2 as a sound module running Korg Module and iMini. I bought an iConnect 4 as an interface but realized that I still have to connect the iPAD’s audio output to my amp.
    Is the Novation Audio Hub the better way to go? Am I correct in assuming that the if I hook up the IPAD using the usb to lightning cable to this audio hub I wouldn’t need to us the audio output on the iPAD?
    Any help is appreciated,
    Paul (Old guy trying to stay young) LOL

  3. St. Joe! 2 Questions:
    -Could you run something other than MIDI through the USB? Like an iOS-compatible microphone (looking at the Shure MV-5)
    If you wanted to connect a guitar, would you be able to connect an iRig pro to one of the USB slots and on to the iPad?
    Thanks for the reviews, they’re super helpful


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