Review: KORG Module Mobile Sound Module App for iPad


Hey what’s good fam?

Back with another review, this time it’s a new iOS app from KORG.

As you may know, I love to use my iPad as a sound module with various apps and devices.

So when KORG released a new sound module app for the iPad I was definitely excited to check it out.

Let’s dig in!

So what is the KORG Module app?

KORGmoduleIf you’ve been around music production for a long time then you remember when one of the most common ways to get a bunch of sounds in a small space was using a sound module.

These were usually rack style modules with huge collections of sounds, many times covering everything from acoustic pianos to synths.

Well, KORG had many such modules, and now they’ve brought the idea to the iOS platform with the Module app for the iPad.

It’s a sound module style app geared towards providing instant access to pianos, ep, synth, strings, brass, clav, and more.

They’ve also got a store within the app where you can purchase expansions, which in the hardware world used to mean actually opening up the rack and inserting additional sound cards.

As someone that’s had many sound modules over the years, I was super excited to see KORG bring this concept to the iPad as they made some of the most widely used sound modules back in the day including the KORG Trinity and the KORG Triton racks.

The idea is of course no sequencer, but quick access to usable sounds, which can be played via MIDI, both virtual and CoreMIDI, as well as used via inter-app audio and audiobus, not to mention seamless integration into the KORG Gadget app.

Quick Specs

  • content: 1.2GB, 5 modules, 100 presets
  • format: iOS/iPad
  • connectivity: inter-app audio, audiobus, CoreMIDI, Virtual MIDI, soundcloud, dropbox, email
  • price: $29.99 until Dec 11th (39.99 reg price)
  • link to KORG Module:
  • link to KORG Gadget:

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderIt sounds like a workstation, plenty of “bread and butter” sounds to go around.

There’s definitely some usable pianos, eps, organs, and even string synth/brass and pad or lead sounds.

The whole idea of a sound module like this is to give you the ability to quickly pull up a bunch of useful sounds.

There’s 5 modules which include acoustic piano, ep, organ, clav, and a “multi” module which is basically a traditional PCM synthesizer mean to recreate strings, brass, pads, leads, and more.

As with any workstation or sound module, you’re sure to come across some cheesy sounds as well, the random cliche vocal patch or “not so real” sounding brass section, but overall the sound quality is on point and the cheese factor is kept to a minimum in this collection. This leaves more room for great sounding useable patches, which is very much appreciated.

Not to mention the fact that you can add expansions, including Ivory from Synthogy, which is known as one of the most realistic sounding acoustic piano libraries available.

Overall the sound quality is there and the goal of being able to browse many usable patches to quickly find what you need is definitely accomplished.

So what’s the bottom line?

I love stuff like this, anything that allows me to add to my sound palette quickly and efficiently I’m all for, especially when it comes in the form of an iOS app, as I can reach out and touch the technology.

4subsI give KORG Module 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a great addition to any iPad sound library and any musicians toolbox. No matter if you’re using it for live performance or in the studio, you’re sure to find many sounds worth playing.

There’s also the little things like having a set list and a built in phrase recorder to capture quick ideas or inspiration.

Then there’s the expansion store, which I hope continues to grow, as it allows you to constantly build and customize your Module library.

The fact that all of the modules open up in KORG Gadget, one of my favorite apps on the iPad, really is the icing on the cake so to speak.

In the end, KORG continues to deliver powerfully useful apps and Module shows they understand the usefulness of the iOS device and the fact that people use it for more than cool games and fun apps.

It shows their dedication to providing musicians alternatives to hardware products and desktop software as the only means of music creation.

As someone who has an iPad in permanent use in my setup, I totally dig it!

You can grab this app directly from the iTunes store:

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this, their other apps, and music related iOS apps in general.


  1. Nice. What kind of stand are you using?
    (When) Will you be the reviewing the new Korg Kronos (Evolve) Workstation? I’ve been looking at a keyboard workstations and sound modules.

    • I have it sitting on an iKlip Stand, and both that and my keyboard are on a laptop arm attached to my desk that I used to keep Maschine on.

      Don’t know about the Kronos, if I can get my hands on it. I’ve been looking at 88 key workstations myself, the Kronos and the FA-80 specifically. As I want a larger controller and figured I may as well get some sounds in the process lol.

  2. I went ahead and picked this up, since they’re having a sale on it. I like so far 🙂 I think until Dec 11, the Wurly addon is free, and the Ivory addon is $20.

  3. So I spent so much time getting the right cables for my iPad so that I could control the Korg Module from my M-AUDIO KEYSTATION 61 and plug into an amp when I do some live stuff with friends during my winter break away from my studio. Only to find out that the the KEYSTATION will not support an iOS driver that seems to be an integral part of the whole setup. I am so unhappy and wonder if you have any solutions to all this

    Many thanks

    Leon Aronson

    • Your midi device would have to be class compliant, meaning it needs to work without a driver required otherwise it will not work with iOS. I would look for something specifically meant to work with iOS or get something like an iRig and hook up via regular MIDI.


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