Chomplr – New Chopped Rompler iOS App from MSXII!!!


YO! Just wanted to share our latest app with you guys!

Chomplr takes the keyboard rompler idea and merges it with a sample chopping workflow, for quick inspiration and sample manipulation on iOS.

Key Features:

• Unique sample chopping rompler for iOS music making
• Includes both standalone and AUv3 (plugin) capability
• Compatible with Garageband, Beatmaker 3, AUM, Audiobus, Cubasis, iMPC, and many more hosts
• Stock library of over 150 original samples by MSXII Sound Design
• Built-in store with hundreds of samples to preview & purchase
• Stock FX such as Lofi, Echo, Flanger, LP & HP filters, Drive, Reverb & Dirt
• Chromatic sample mode allowing a sample chop to be played across keys
• Sample editing parameters, per chop, such as Start, End, Attack, Release, Tune, Vol, Pan, Loop, and Reverse
• A comprehensive user manual available at:
• Robust roadmap that includes many features to come!

Head on over to the app site to learn more:

Chomplr is available right now in the app store!

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