Review: Big Fish Audio Impulse Cinematic Guitar Library


What’s good fam, back with another review, today it’s time for some Big Fish!

I’m checking out a cinematic, dramatic style guitar library in KLI format.

So let’s jump right into it!

What is Impulse?

impulseIt’s a collection of dramatic guitar styles geared towards documentaries, film, commercials, television, video games and contemporary cinematic music.

In my opinion, it’s a library geared towards anyone that’s looking for chilled-out, ambient style guitar riffs, licks, and fx.

It comes in the KLI interface for quick auditioning as well as fast tweaking and manipulation.

There are no drums or any other sounds in this library, it’s all guitars, featuring different layers and playing techniques.

Quick Specs

So how does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderIf you can’t tell by now, I’m really a fan of the various ambient/chill guitar libraries Big Fish puts out.

I think guitars lend themselves very well to ambient styles, similar to piano, flutes, and some horns…I dig it.

The playing is very well done and there’s tons of variety while all keeping a nice cinematic or dramatic vibe to it.

You not only get traditional picked style guitars, but there’s some nice fx and swells as well.

Each kit is broken down into parts like intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc, and then further broken down into each guitar part.

So you get tremolo, baritone, picked, ambient, fx, slide, rhythm, and sometimes a little ukulele thrown in.

Overall it has a great sound that fits the vibe and mood it suggests, plenty of content for those laid back tracks or introspective scores.

So what’s the bottom line?

As I said, I’m a fan of the ambient and cinematic guitar libraries from Big Fish, this is no different.

4subsI give Impulse 4 out of 5 subs, it has a very smooth vibe with plenty of content to customize and quick access to tweaking thanks to the KLI interface.

If you’re into ambient, downtempo, chillout style guitars, or dramatic cinematic styles, then you’ll want to check this out.

It’s a straight forward library that delivers exactly what it says it will deliver, with plenty of options for customizing and manipulating as needed.

Go on over and check it out:;36;1:::::::::::Impulse:527697

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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  1. Hi, Great to come across your webpage. I ma struggling to buy between Kontakt 5 and Sampletank 3. I really like the Bigfish Audio guitar sounds, so I am afraid if I get Sampletank 3, I can not really use them all that well.What would you suggest I go for? Awesome tutorials, realy cool demonstrations.


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