Review: AudioWarp BOCS Volume 2 (Boards Of Canada Synthesis)


Hey what’s good fam!

Back with another review from AudioWarp, this is a volume 2 follow-up to their BOCS 1 library for Kontakt

Let’s dig in!

So what is BOCS Volume 2?

bocs2It’s the second volume in their “Boards Of Canada Synthesis” series.

Just think ambient pads and textures with an analog/organic feel to them.

The instruments have a dirty, crunchy feel to them as they are created in ways similar to that of Boards Of Canada.

If you dig that sound, or if you just dig great ambient pads and melodic instruments in general, this is definitely something to check out.

Quick Specs

So how does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThere’s more of that same dreamy, gritty, dusty ambient vibe as presented in the first volume.

A cool part about this one is they updated the interface with some basic control and modulation options that let you quickly tweak the sounds.

Not to mention the fact that you can layer up to two patches at once directly from the interface.

Overall the sound is just a pure joy for any fan of ambient pads, drones, and airy keys or synths.

The sound quality is just great, though it’s recorded and created to have a dirty vibe, it doesn’t sound low quality at all…high quality grit!

There’s something creamy and warm about the sounds overall, and being able to quickly add modulation just makes it that much more versatile.

So what’s the bottom line?

If you dig pads, if you dig drones, if you dig ambient textures and instruments, go grab this library (and volume 1 if you don’t have it already).

4subsI give BOCS Volume 2 a 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a straight forward library that delivers exactly what it sets out to deliver, an inspiring collection of ambient pads, keys, drones, and synths. 

The interface makes it quick to use, and tweak, and the sound…which is most important, is dope.

I just love the dusty, crusty, dirty feel of it, without it being distorted or trashed, it’s a great use of texture and character to deliver an instantly usable collection of sounds.

Go on over and check it out:

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  1. WOW!…I’m a sucker for smooth pads, & these ARE SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH!!!
    So much flexibility in a small package too!
    Excuse me….got to go & git this one!

  2. Nice review saintjoe as always, thanks! They are making some great stuff at cheap prices!
    Now I was a little worried when I first started watching the video that that was a “Beat Thang” next to your keyboard………


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