Review: Adam Audio Studio Pro SP-5 Headphones


A few months ago Adam Audio sent over a pair of their new Studio Pro headphones for me to checkout. I’ve been using them in various situations for the past few months and wanted to sharing my final thoughts on these headphones and where I’ve seen them fit into my workflow.

I will say, the overall sound is very detailed, initially I expected them to be too bright but once I started using them I found that wasn’t the case at all. They definitely excel at detailed audio work and I find myself reaching for them when doing a lot of audio editing/repair where I need to find problems or issues within audio files quickly.

I do feel like they give me the vibe of my Adam monitors in headphone format, but I personally tend to reach for headphones for very specific reasons. I like having different models that give me a different sound so I know when to pick which set of phones.

Quick Specs

  • Rated Impedance: 70Ω
  • Frequency Range : 8 Hz ~ 38 kHz
  • Sensitivity : 95 dB
  • Price: $499.99

Overall I’d say if you’re looking for a pair of monitors that you can trust in terms of the detail being presented give these a shot. They aren’t overhyped in the low end, there is a bit of boost in the high end or at least a perceived overall brightness/openness compared to other headphones but nothing harsh at all.

Interested? Grab your own pair of SP-5 headphones:

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