NAMM 2017 Starts Later This Week – What Are You Excited About?


As you probably know, NAMM is coming up later this week. Plenty of stuff to look forward too, I know lots of folks are excited about the new MPC line…including myself.

But what else are you looking for? I’d like to be surprised. We know a lot of things have been announced, but I’m more excited about finding out things that haven’t been announced yet.

Let me know what you’re looking for and also make sure you’re following me on social media to stay updated on all of my NAMM coverage.



  1. I’m sort of content with what I have right now with regards to synths / samplers however I’m always interested in upgrades, especially ones with regards to Omnisphere / ZebraHZ / Kontakt 5…I thought I read, somewhere, that Sample Logic is working on something new and, of course, I’m always looking for innovative new patches for Omnisphere & Zebra…Have fun, man!! I hope you come back and surprise us with great new announcements!! Peace!!


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