My Interview with The Producer’s Corner on Icebreaker Radio


I got invited by Dee DotΒ to be a guest on their radio show “The Producer’s Corner” on Icebreaker Radio, it’s a radio show where they talk about all things music, gear, production, engineering, etc.

They have some cool topics and conversations and it was def cool to be on the show. Check it out and make sure you subscribe to their channel and peep the rest of their interviews if you like to hear folks talk about music production.

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YouTube Channel:Β


  1. SaintJoe,

    Great interview! I just purchased a Behringer Xtouch mixer and I’m trying to get it work with Reason 8. Any chance you can do a review on the Behringer Xtouch with Reason 8. The only thing that’s out there are the Behringer videos, which are good but they do not get to what I want to know, which are the ins and outs of the gear.


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