Review: Plugin Guru Mega Magic Dreams for Omnisphere


Hey what’s good fam?

Today I’m checking out Mega Magic Dreams by Plugin Guru.

It’s an expansion library for Omnisphere (v2.1)

Let’s dig in!

So what is Mega Magic Dreams?

mmdreamsIt’s an expansion library built from a collection of one note samples that have been processed and morphed with fx/reverb to give a magical, mystical, ambient sound.

He actually made it for multiple formats but I’m checking out the Omnisphere version as it has the most patches and plus…Omni is just a cool synth!

Plugin Guru has been designing sounds for a while and he comes from the hardware sound design school so he knows how to get great sounds out of small sample data.

Not only does he create some cool sounds that don’t take up much space, but I feel this is a cool opportunity for him to flex his sound design muscles as well.

Either way, it makes for some good content!

Quick Specs

So how does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThis is a great library for anyone into ambient, spacey, airy instruments and melodic noises.

He’s programmed them in a way that you can quickly control the feel and dynamic of the sounds from the mod wheel, allowing you to add more or less reverb, sometimes manipulating the filter at the same time.

It’s not just about making great sounds, he’s also giving you control to quickly change and alter them as well.

Not to mention some of the arp patches are really cool, as well as his use of the fx racks.

You can play the sounds as is, and be totally fine, or you can really dig into the Omni engine and use these as the basis for your own new creations.

So what’s the bottom line?

It’s no secret I’m a fan of ambient, airy, cloud-like instruments, so I was definitely excited when I saw this.

4subsI give Mega Magic Dreams 4 out of 5 subs, the sounds are super creative, easy to tweak, and just plain fun to play with.

He also threw in 30 multis so you can play with split patches, stacked sounds, and mod wheel crossfade goodness.

John always seems to dive in deep when making a new library, from the programming to the detailed descriptions of the patches, to all of the video content he does along with his releases, it’s really a great experience.

Not only that, he loves teaching you how to make your own sounds as well.

I definitely suggest checking this out, either for Omnisphere, Kontakt, or wav format:

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  1. Great job Sj…I’ve been a fan of skippy’s sounds for years, have you had a listen to
    MegaMagic PADS yet ? if you haven’t you should check them out…I know you are a pad addict like me lol 🙂


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