My first thoughts on the Yamaha MODX6


It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of the Montage, so when Yamaha announced the MODX synth line I was definitely interested in seeing what it was all about.

I really wanted to see how it compared to the flagship Montage, and I was also getting questions about it from folks on and off line, so I was thankful that Yamaha reached out to see if I wanted to check it out.

In this video I just wanted to share my first impressions and initial thoughts after unboxing and plugging it in.

I plan to do more videos comparing different aspects of the Montage and the MODX, of course if you have specific things you want to know just let me know.

My first thoughts…this is a great synth and a super affordable way to get access to the powerful engine inside of the Montage in a much more portable/slim package.

Of course, zZounds has them available for 12 payments:

Let me know what you think!

My first thoughts on the Yamaha MODX6
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