MSX Audio Lo-Fly Dirt iOS App Demo


Aye what’s good fam!

Just posted a demo this weekend of the new iOS app from MSX Audio.

You guys know I’ve been a fan of MSX for years, so it’s cool to see them branch out into developing their own app.

Lo-Fly Dirt gives you that crunchy, bit crushed, lo fi sound that you may be familiar with from some of their packs.

Even in it’s default mode, the plugin adds punch and saturation (I didn’t read the description first, but noticed how it impacted my sounds even in default mode lol)

If you’re creating music on iOS then you owe it to yourself to grab this app. It’s only 5 bucks, well worth it, and from what I can tell this is only the beginning for them!

Check it out! Lo-Fly Dirt – MSXII Sound Design

What iOS apps or plugins are you using when it comes to fx?


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