MPC One vs. Maschine Plus – CPU Usage When Loading Multiple Kits


One of the first differences I noticed between these two when using them next to each other is how they handle CPU differently.

Maschine Plus seems to leave the CPU management up to you, they kits are the same as on desktop, including all of the fx that come loaded with them. If you go straight into the browser and try to load a bunch of full kits at once you’re going to run into CPU overload. This has caused me to think about what I’m loading and only load the stuff I need, instead of carelessly copying full kits just to use one sound. Nothing I can’t work around, but definitely something that has to be thought about.

On the MPC One, and the latest MPCs in general, their kits aren’t that CPU intensive, even with fx loaded at program/pad level. This could be due to a different philosophy of being focused on standalone first, to make sure things aren’t overloaded, as opposed to building kits for the software first. Whatever the case, I haven’t found myself thinkiing about the CPU usage when using the MPC.

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