Maschine recording audio live into Studio One 2.5


Presonus just released the version 2.5 update for Studio One, and one of the new features is a more flexible audio routing engine.

I’ve been using Studio One for a while, and one of the things I kept asking about was being able to record audio from any instruments or tracks loaded in the DAW.

This allows more flexibility when using plugins like Maschine, BPM, or capturing realtime performances from drum plugins such as BFD and Addictive Drums.

I know I wasn’t alone, and I’m glad that we have this option now for those that wish to use it.

This is a quick video I did to show how the process works, it’s very easy to setup, check it out.


  1. I love this set up but my MASCHINE in S1 as a plugin for some reason keeps crashing S1 2.5!!! Any ideas or suggestions? I also get this multiple note (stuttering) triggering effect when playing MASCHINE’s pads in S1 but the multiple note triggers dont show up in the MIDI region.

  2. SJ: “You’re starting to read minds now…” I was wondering how to get this to work just a few days ago & you have answered. Thanks for giving us this instructional video.


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