Chopping samples manually in Ableton Live and assign to drum rack


This is just a quick video showing how to chop samples manually in Ableton Live then assigning them to a drum rack.

It’s a quick way to slice samples and still have control over your sections. ย I showed how to automate chopping in the video how to use ableton live to chop samples like an mpc.

This one is for all the questions I got regarding how to have more control over your chops before you slice and assign them to the drum rack.

let me know what you think, leave a comment below.


  1. great tutorial man…. great tutorial. very very helpful. keep this up, you could be the only lead source of hip hop tutorials for ableton man… i can’t wait to figure out some stuff, so i can do videos for your site too!

  2. dope tutorial man, just wondering if theres a way to do ’16 levels’ like you would on the mpc but to do it with say one sample layed out on all keys of a keyboard controller at different pitches. kind of like the asr-10 sampler style.

  3. Yeah man, the old MPC mentality never dies does it? I was reading MPC forums the other day, and someone asked why Akai has never put a jog dial on any of the MPD’s.
    Not totally necessary, but man that would dope for this.

  4. whut up saint joe

    u killin it with this site dude, ive been wanting to get using abelton for some time ur chop to midi and this vid really got me movin but.

    when i load a sample more then 8 seconds long into simpler and the **** fades out, on fill length and full release.

    how can i make this **** play in true tigger/one shot mode?

    as ive setup a default simpler and default drm rack but all my longer music samples r fading out

  5. Hey thanks man, I’ve been doing it the ‘automatic’ way but it was tedious and gave me shit splices, had to spend ages fixing every time.
    I’m such an idiot for not thinking of this!!

  6. @dwayne neva knew the tag was funny, guess it is…

    but this is all water under the bridge simpler seems to have a built in delay but I have constructed my drum rack using sampler, that way i can throw in any sample and have the full thing play, and the filters are nicer on sampler anyhow.

  7. yo peace peace! i have a question about tempo and warping…why is it that when i drop my sample into the drum rack the tempo and warp changes back to the original tempo and sound of the song, is there a way to keep it from doing that? thanks in advance

  8. i have chopped well and good , my problem is say i have cjopped a song into slice this song to new midi track ..ok my whole drum rack get full
    i cant go to e7 f7 rack

    • Did you move the square to focus which samples you’re on? Or did you change the octaves on your keyboard? If you have more than 128 then they won’t all fit.


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