Making a non sampled track on native instruments maschine


This is just another video of me using native instrument maschine.

There are alot of videos showing how to use it as a sampler, so I figured I’d show it in

use as a workstation, similar to a roland fantom or yamaha motif.

I used all internal sounds to make this track.

let me know what you think…I really like the worflow of this maschine.


  1. Hi Saintjoe, hope you’re allright!

    Nice Video. Can u demonstrate the software of the maschine in another video. I’m very interested in both. The Maschine Hard- and Software.

    Fine, see you

    Greetings from Germany,,, Rรผdiger (Rudi)

    • as I learn more about the software and how it works, I will do a video. The hardware only works because of the software, but I will need to explore the software interface before I make a video of it.

      I may do a general overview of it for ya though.

  2. That thing is looking really hot man. You r selling me it. Does the computer or sequencer need to be running? Or could you use the completely stand alone? WOnder how that thing would sound with some Step Ya Game Up Drum sounds ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s a beast! Yes, you need the computer on, it’s all software…I’m using it standalone, not as a vst. The hardware is basically a highly integrated midi controller…fooled you huh? lol.

      And, I already have plans for a step ya game up kit making session! You KNOW that’s going down!

      And when you’re ready to get it…make sure to support one of they spots on so we can keep bringin you the funk! lol.


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