Making a beat on native instruments maschine with no samples


This is another video showing how native instruments maschine is not just a sampler or beat machine, but that it can be used just like a workstation or keyboard.

Instead of using it by sampling records or songs into it, I am using the internal sounds and creating music like I would on a fantom or motif.

The sounds inside maschine are really good, I love them.

Knowing that they will be putting out expansion packs for it is very exciting.

Let me know what you think.


  1. What up man !!!!Love you vids, they are very informitive for the upcoming produucers of the world like my self.My question is what sampling programs would you recommend for starting producer that wont cost an arm and two legs?lol!!! I like that beatthang virtual send it to me my dude!!! Thanks

    • Hahaha, thanks for watchin man. Hmm… depends on how much your arm and a leg costs. Beat Thang is definitely and option, especially if price is an issue… you can peep my videos on it over here

      Other than that, I really like NI Maschine, but it’s def not a cheap one, also stuff like moto bpm would work, or heck man, Ableton Live intro can do what ya need!

      Plenty of options, just depends on your workflow.


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