KRK K10S Powered Subwoofer review


Hey what’s up fam! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.

Today I’m back with another review for American Musical and this time they sent over one of their many powered subwoofers, the K10S from KRK Systems. Also, like other products furnished by AMS for review, I do get to keep this after I’m done, which is cool, since I was looking to get this monitor anyway!

So let’s check this one out!

What is the K10S Powered Subwoofer?

KRK K10S LISTWell, the whole concept behind a subwoofer in a monitoring setup is to allow you to really focus in on the low end frequencies so you can mix them with more precision.

It’s not merely for loud playback of your low end bass frequencies, but more-so it’s a tool that allows you to actually hear with accuracy what your low end is doing in the mix. It doesn’t have to be at high volumes for the sub to do it’s job either. Now I personally own the KRK Rokit 5 studio monitors so having the matching sub really works out well.

The basic setup is that you run your main output into the sub first, then feed your monitors from there. It has an 80hz high pass filter which allows you to send everything OVER 80hz to your monitors. This basically cuts those frequencies out from your signal so your smaller monitors don’t have to try and reproduce them, allowing the sub to focus in on those lower end frequencies.

Quick Specs

  • size: 10″
  • power rating: 225 watts peak
  • frequency range: 34 Hz- 50Hz to 130Hz variable
  • connectivity: rca in/out, xlr in/out, 1/4″ in, footswitch
  • price: $399

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderSounds like bass to me!

The way it allows you to focus in on the low end is really very useful. The bass response from the K10s is really deep, tight, punchy, and smooth.

I also like having the bass port in the front, I’ve had other speakers where they were in the back and I prefer a front facing port, I feel it allow the speaker to move the air more freely, which gives a very desirable bass output that you can really feel.

I didn’t notice any of my higher frequencies trying to come through the sub either so the crossover/filter works really well.

The low end output from this sub is very clean, not overpowering at all if you set the volume/filter properly. Most users will not need to crank the volume of the sub up much at all, but it’s there for those that need it so that it will fit into any type of monitoring or recording situation.

So what’s the bottom line?

I don’t care what type of recording setup you have going on, whether you’re purely into electronic creation or if you’re recording various musical instruments, having a sub in your configuration is definitely highly recommended in my personal opinion. It can really expose and help you correct the flaws in your low end.

I love the build quality, very solid, and the little pad on the bottom is a nice touch, no worries about scratching the bottom of the sub and it also can act as a bit of isolation from the surface it’s on. I also really like the ability to use a latching footswitch to bypass the sub entirely for times when you need to monitor without all the low-end.

4andhalfsubsI give the KRK K10S powered subwoofer 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s really a great addition to any monitoring setup.

My one gripe would have to be the lack of 1/4″ outputs. Not a deal breaker so much as it’s an annoyance, especially when you’re ripped the box open ready to plug everything up only to realize you need to go get some more cables first.

Other than that, I’m very happy with this sub and the low end sounds it’s allowing me to hear properly.

Go on over and check it out:–i-KRK-K10S-LIST

If you have any experience with this or any other sub in your setup, please leave a comment and share your thoughts below

Even if you don’t have any experience with subwoofers in your monitoring setup, let me know what you think by leaving a comment!



  1. Gotta chime in to say I picked up the same sub to go with my KRK 5’s as well, sometime this past year and can’t imagine going w/o it at this point. The mix is rounded out beautifully with the additional range. Love ’em.

  2. nice review st.joe just got the krk 8″ monitors like them alot would love to add that sub to my studio too..oh like the new look on the opening thanks for the info …oh are the sounds and gear shirts still available

  3. Great review! I debated on getting the KRK monitors and sub. I don’t like to buy things just because everyone has them. My only question is do the monitors give you a true representation of the tracks you make? You know, are they flat enough? I know I have to A/B them at my nearest supplier and compare them to others, but i was wondering your take on that since I’m already convinced on the sub (like the pedal). I’ve considered the Yamaha set as well as the Tannoys(great sound). So undecided as of yet.

    • Yeah man monitors are very subjective and it’s best to test them out with your own music or music you are familiar with. The Rokit 5s are very flat, really honest sound. I’ve heard the 8s can get a bit bass heavy, but again it all depends on you and your ears. I think you can learn to mix on anything but you definitely want something that’s as flat and natural as possible. This sub is nice man, I love it.

  4. Good review, Saint Joe!

    I’ve had this sub for about 7 months now and yes every studio (especially home studios) needs to have one. I was going to get the 12 inch but the 10 inch works well. I have it paired with the original Event 20/20 BAS 8 inch monitors.I agree KRK should’ve put some 1/4 inch input and output jacks on the sub. I used some 1/4 inch to XLR adapters (since I had more XLR cable than 1/4 inch line cables) to make it work with what I have. My audio interface is a Focusrite Pro 24 DSP. I’m having a ball with this sub! The part of my room I work in is treated but it’s not an enclosed room. My advice for anyone is the basic standard advice of listening to commercial music first on your montiors and the sub and calibrate according to your room and taste. At first I had the bass in the sub way up and then I started to turn it down. That gave me some clarity. However, all of this is my experience. Other’s will vary!


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