IK Multimedia iRig Keys Pro mobile keyboard review


Hey what’s up fam! I hope everything is going well with ya!

Today I wanted to showcase the newest mobile keyboard from IK Multimedia, the iRig Keys Pro.

This is the full size key version of the iRig Keys controller

Functionality wise it’s the same, it’s just got full keys

Let’s check it out

So what is the iRig Keys Pro?

keyspro_ipad_lightningThe idea behind the iRig Keys Pro is to provide a super mobile keyboard controller with 37 full-sized keys.

It’s still slim and lightweight, with lots of options in terms of changing MIDI channels, transposing, setting velocity curves, and more.

It hooks directly to your iOS device, no matter if you need a 30-pin connection or the new Lightning connection, they give you both!

It also works with any Mac or PC via USB connection.

Quick Specs

Functionality and Usage

There really isn’t much to do in terms of setup, you just plug it into your iOS device or your computer and it works!

I like simple solutions and this is definitely a simple setup.

I also like the fact that changing parameters or functions is really straight forward, and I found the connection to be pretty reliable, no drops or need to restart the device at all.

It pretty much does exactly what it claims to do, and doesn’t get in the way of your creativity with any technical issues.

So what’s the bottom line?

I really dig this controller, so much that I considered using it as my main controller in my setup, however for that to happen I really need more knobs.

I think the fact that this is the “Pro” version, the addition of 4 to 8 rotary knobs would have really made it a power house of a controller.

That said I still think it’s great and I love the key action, not to heavy which is great for light players like me, but not too flimsy that it feels like a toy.

4andhalfsubsI give iRig Keys Pro 4.5 out of 5 subs, I think it’s a solid controller that’s lightweight, mobile, and has full size keys that are nice to play.

It would be cool to see an “XL” verison that has those knobs I was talking about, but even without that, it’s a really solid controller for iOS and computer use.

Check it out on their site, as well as the many other mobile accessories they produce: ikgear.com

And if you’re looking for a bag to carry it around in, they make one that fits it perfectly since it doesn’t fit into a normal backpack/bag. Β That carry bag would still be a lot smaller than most bags or cases due to the size of this controller, it really is a mobile worthy controller.

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  1. Nice job Bro. I got a ipad for Xmas and threw a lot of apps on it; Thor,Garage Band, Piano HD,TF7, etc and now I’m looking for the midi keyboard to use and your great review as well as others have pretty much sold me on the IKeys pro.
    Music is the worlds language.
    Thanks man


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