Heavyocity GRAVITY Modern Scoring Tools Review


Hey what’s good fam!

Back with a review on the latest product from Heavyocity.

This one is called GRAVITY and it’s another collection of high quality cinematic, scoring, and sound design elements.

So let’s just jump right into it!

What is GRAVITY?

gravity_interfaceThis is a brand new collection of instruments and sounds aimed at cinematic sound design, scoring, and media composition.

It comes with pads, hits, impacts, transitions, ambiences and more.

On top of all that content is a very tweakable interface with fx and motion sequencing right at the core of the library.

They made this library not just simple to pull up the patches and play the presets…though you most certainly will do that, but they also made it so you can really tweak and customize your sounds to fit exactly what you’re trying to do.

Quick Specs

  • content: 12GB (9.25GB on disk with NI compression), 1200+ nki, 2200+ soundsources, 815+ snapshots, 325+ motion presets (nka)
  • format: Kontakt 5, Kontakt Player 5
  • price: $449 ($80 discount through 6-23-15 for Komplete Ultimate or Heavyocity product owners)
  • product page: http://www.heavyocity.com/product/gravity/

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderMaaaaaaaaaan this thing sound incredible, definitely plenty of high quality content to be had.

From the hits, to the subs, to the pads and ambiences, everything has a quality and instant usability factor to it.

Where things really get interesting is when you start using the motion sequencer, the trigger fx sequencer, and things like punish and twist along with volume modulation.

You can even adjust the length of the samples and hits to fit exactly what you’re doing, of course it can all be synced to the timeline of your project as well.

Along with the trigger fx you also have traditional things like reverb, delay, distortion and chorus.

The pads are made up of 3 different channels, so you get some complex atmospheres but you can also pull up the individual layers as their own patch if you wish, which gives you so many different way so working with the sounds.

The sound of this library is definitely what you’d expect to get form Heavyocity.

So what’s the bottom line?

When Heavyocity comes out with a new cinematic library, it’s time to pay attention.

This library is no exception.

5subsOverall I give GRAVITY 5 out of 5 subs, the sound is amazing, the variety is huge, and the way you can manipulate, customize, and alter your sounds is super powerful and just plain fun.

I love how it covers styles from light and airy, to experimental all the way to creepy and horrific.

Definitely head over to their site and read up on it, watch the videos, and grab your copy if you’re into high quality cinematic sound design elements.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the discount if you own Komplete Ultimate or any Heavyocity product.


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  1. Anyone using this product successfully with ramp tempo changes? Kontakt has had a lot of problems with them, though possibly not all their fault. I use Output.com Signal, and it is impossible to use with tempo changes. Other Kontakt titles have similar problems, something nearly all composers to picture would aware of.


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