Going Modular: Why Modular Synthesis & What I Bought First


So this is the first video in my series on getting into modular synthesis. I’m not coming to this as an expert but really just to take you along with me as I learn and grow my modular.

I wanted to discuss why I got started, which had a lot to do with Studio Electronics making their filters modular, as well as the way it can work with your budget, plus being able to have my own custom synth.

There are a ton of different companies making modular and it’s a really cool community as well, with so much flexibility and personality going into a modular setup it’s really just a fun way to get the sounds you want.

Products I started with:

Are any of you using modular? If so, why did you start? If not, are you interested in it at all?

Let me know, and stay tune for more of my journey!



      • Keep them updates coming man, this is a new frontier to be covered in depth, I’m looking forward to the journey. To boldly go where hip-hop hasn’t gone before.

        • No doubt bro! Def wanna give my own perspective on it. I’m sure many dismiss it when they see it, but it can be super powerful and personal. Like hardware plugins LOL

          • They doubted Maschine too. Look at all them son’s you got out there. Honestly I don’t think Maschine would be where it is today if it wasn’t for you. It’s the next chapter, you was already dropping hints a few years ago. It’s that time. On top of that software coders are playing catch up because they’ve been riding the hardware wave for all these years. It’s time to bring back the hardware and it’s time to get hands-on again. I look forward to it.

            • We’ll see man, I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but I def know it’s fun and what I’m interested in, you know how I am about hardware man…and I know you understand LOL

  1. Hey Joe,
    I was on the Maschine site for a bit about 5-6 years ago and I dropped off when I went modular. I started out with a small Doepfer case with pitch to cv converter, filter, LFO, envelope and output. I would run my bass guitar through it. I now have a 12u with all kinds of awesomeness, a sonic potions LXR with trigger outs and my Analog Rytm. Tons of fun!


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