Going Modular: Moog Mother 32 Semi-Modular Synthesizer


Mother_32_FrontIn this episode I’m showcasing the Moog Mother 32, a really cool semi-modular synthesizer from Moog.

Semi-modular means it can make sound without having to be patched up, and it definitely has that nice Moog sound. What really makes this synth super fun is the sequencer and the patch panel on the side. The sequencer let’s you record in real-time or step mode, and you can add ratcheting (note repeat) per step, along with other features like accent, hold/rest, and glide.

Now when you get into the patch panel things really can get crazy, there’s plenty of modulation, external audio routing, and pretty much every thing can be sent out to control other devices or itself. There’s a voltage controlled mixer that let’s you blend between two different signals which I find dope for mixing modulation signals and sending them to a specific destination.

Oh yeah, there’s also a built in mult, which is basically a signal splitting utility, super useful. Overall I think this synth is great, I wasn’t sure what I was going to think about the sequencer but I love it and it has become the default sequencer in my rack.

The Mother 32 has actually become part of the foundation of my rack and I honestly I wasn’t expecting it to do that. I knew I would love the sound, but I figured it was such a big device that takes up so much space in the rack that I wouldn’t want it in there. Well I totally changed my mind when I got my hands on this thing!

I honestly think this is a great entry to modular or just an amazing synth on it’s own. oh and it is a MIDI to CV converter as well, so you can use it to play other modules in your rack…sick!

You can get this thing pretty much anywhere gear is sold.

Product page: http://www.moogmusic.com/products/semi-modular/mother-32

Purchase: http://www.zzounds.com/a–1786589/item–MOOMOTHER32



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