Going Modular: Mutable Instruments Braids Macro Oscillator


braids_topIn this episode of Going Modular I want to take a look at Braids, a “macro-oscillator” from a company called Mutable Instruments.

They make really dope modules, this one is a digital sound source but it’s so much more than a basic set of waves, it has a lot of complex synthesis types that would require a whole gang of modules if you were to actually build them out in modular form. I’m talking analog wave shapes, variable waves, fm synthesis, wave folding, sync, wavetables, physical modeling, additive synthesis, percussion, drums, vocal/vowel synthesis, etc.

I started with this as my first oscillator because I already had some analog sources I could use with my modular in theย Minitaur and Mini/MicroBrutes, plus this module has so many functions in it that make it super flexible, including the ability to play chords or quantize (lock) incoming notes to specific scales.

Also, my buddy Flux from Fluxwithit.com was building a couple, so I purchaed one from him which made it more affordable than buying the complete module. I purchased a custom faceplate for it from Magpie Modular and used some knobs I had laying around and I’m definitely happy with the results.

Bottom line is that this module is very deep and it definitely changed what I expect from modules going forward, a digital module would have to be really unique for me to consider it after having this one!

You can read more about it over on the MI website:ย http://mutable-instruments.net/modules/braids

You can buy it at most places that sell modular gear, or if you’re adventurous you can build one yourself….or do like I did, and pay a friend ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have ny questions feel free to let me know!


  1. Listen bro I need you to open a store up. Get the loan, open up SoundsandGear Online retail store. Start selling these products you’re reviewing ok. That modular box you have , take that loan money, get yourself a good space inside your store, and get a CNC machine. Grab Dr. Flux and start manufacturing these products. It’s time for Saintjoe 2.0 to step it up. I’m making all these purchases from these retailers when I should be coming home to the source. Make that shit happen no excuses. I’m mad right now because my money is not in an economy condusive to making my folks progress.

      • I don’t see how, the infrastructure is practically in place. It’s time to consolidate. SoundsandGear needs to be the headquarters. Maschine tutorials >SAG, Ableton tutorials >SAG, boom and bap > SAG. Everysite you own is related to either sounds or gear or both. You already was selling t-shirts you can’t add wires or cables to the mix to start off. You already have a customer base with the tutorials. You have a ton of views on the review websites. I’ve seen the meetings you have on Google. Your circle has potential staff members to pull off a store. This is the next step. But this next step will require staff members. You start off small and work your way up. I think because of the nature of your character you’ll will be very successful. I’ve bought products on your recommendations and they turned out to be great investments for my studio. You talked with the vp/ceo of Arturia. It would be nice if I could jump on SoundsandGear and order the maxtrixbrute. If you were an online retailer you’d have made $1999 + what ever applicable tax would apply. Dude I just spent 6 bands on keyboards from Korg and Yamaha. And that maxtrixbrute and the integra7 is next. I could be buying this through your store.


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