FXpansion Tremor analog modeled drum synth


Yo what’s good fam, back with another review for you…something I’ve been playing with for a while.

It’s the new Tremor drum synth from FXpansion based on their DCAM Synth technology

I’m usually not a fan of software drum machine…so let me show you why I dig this one

What is Tremor?

It’s a drum synth, drum sequencer, based on DCAM circuit modeling technology.

That’s the same synth engine that’s in DCAM Synth Squad….which is just plain awesome!

Besides that it also has fx, a built in step sequencer, and the TransMod system, which also came from Synth Squad.

This is a sexy way to setup your various sources and destinations for modulation.

Quick Specs

  • format: VST, AU, Rtas
  • price: $149

How does it sound?

Man I LOVE how this thing sounds. It’s made up of 8 “engines” similar to Geist, however, unlike Geist, there are no samples.

Each engine is a synthesizer, complete with it’s own oscillator, lfo, harmonics, filters, modulation, and fx.  I really like the character of the drums and fx that you can get out of this thing.  It can do some really deep bass, crisp hats and even some nice fx and melodic sounds.

Also the fact that it merges a bit of physical modeling “ideas” with the analog modeled syntheses is cool.

For example, the harmonics allow you to mimic the various vibrations you get from drum skins and such, using synth partials. Don’t worry if it sounds weird, just twist and turn until you find something you like!

Of course the fx are awesome (I’m still waiting for a DCAM FX line for use outside of their products)

What’s the bottom line?

Try the demo! I personally am not a huge fan of software drum machines, but had to try this one, especially since I loved DCAM Synth Squad. What I saw in the interface really impressed me.

I love how clean and forward the layout is, but it’s practical and allows you to really dig in and exploit all the features quickly. The way you can setup polyrhythmic patterns is dope!

I give Tremor 5 out of 5 subs, I am really impressed with it and I have been having tons of fun with it! It has it’s own unique take on drum synthesis and sequencing. 

I like that they didn’t try to recreate old school hardware drum machines, it has it’s own vibe, it’s own layout, and it’s own character.

The interface itself is just plain amazing, I love how it looks and how quick it is to navigate.

Go on over and check out their videos, they cover every single aspect of it! http://www.fxpansion.com/index.php?page=167&tab=405

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  1. Once again you get me thinking.
    I have Geist … thing is a monster. Lots of capability and I like being able to slice stuff up and mangle it to suit me.
    I notice you rate this 5 subs (as opposed to 4 for Geist).
    What are the things that jump out at you / linger in your ears that make you like this better.

    • @Al, Geist is cool, but I have Maschine, so it doesn’t bring much different to the table and I’m not a huge fan of it’s layout, though I like some of it’s capabilities, it’s a good product, just not “great” in my personal idea of being great. This on the other hand, does something totally unique, I love the layout, and the way you can get in and tweak stuff quickly is crazy.

  2. SJ:FXpansion has really delivered something nice with this one…
    This has many variables. “I LIKE This”. Another great review from

  3. I shoulda got it when it was $99 damn. When I watched you messin I got some ideas that I didn’t when I had the demo! Ya it’s pretty cool.

  4. Funky Drummer Dewey Dew · Edit

    Yes Sir, bought it Tuesday and went str8 to work with no prob. I really like the tweek power, the boom(808) is already a one of my favorites. I also have lots of fun blending Geist and Maschine among other vsti drum and samplers into my favorite DAW. SONAR X1 Producer. Saw you at NAMM on YouTube and you already know whats next.

    Stay on Top Fam!!! I always like the way you demo from your personal perspective.


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