Big Fish Friday – Vir2 Vital Series: Sticks


Tried something new and did Big Fish Friday live! Installed the software and explored it live on my channel, definitely a fun way to checkout some new sounds!

What is Vital Series: Sticks?

This is a collection of various found sound source hit with sticks and mallets.

They placed those sounds into a clean Kontakt interface that is super easy to tweak, not to mention it is in NKS format for quick control from Maschine or Komplete Kontrol keyboards.

You get 4 different engines, each with it’s own sequencer, tuning, pan, attack, volume, etc.

You can mix and match different types of percussive sounds to come up with new unique grooves very quickly!


Quick Specs:

How does it sound?

I really dig the sound of this instrument library. The percussion was recorded well but what I really enjoy is the variety of percussive tones you can grab in here.

From coffee cups hit with pencils to wooden pallets hit with sticks, it gives you a lot of material to work with to add new flavor to your percussion.

The sequencer adds to the overall character with the way you can quickly put together rhythmic parts, add swing, effects, and come up with an inspiring groove in minutes.

I definitely dig the sound, and all the functionality just adds to how good it sounds because of what you can quickly tweak within the interface.

So what’s the bottom line?

I love percussion sounds, but even more, I like unique and different percussion sounds as it gives you a different feel and vibe to your tracks.

I give Vital Series: Sticks 5 out of 5 subs, I was impressed with not only the sound but the way the interface allows you to quickly teak those sounds and make them your own.

The sequencer lets you quickly test out grooves but they don’t have to be on the grid since you can apply swing.

The included effects make it easy to take the sound even further into creative territories and you can do it all from a simple and clean interface.

Dope stuff, if you dig percussion you should definitely check it out!



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