Big Fish Audio Spark Cinematic Soundscape Library Review


Hey what’s up!

I’m back with another Big Fish Friday!

Today I’m checking out a new ambient/cinematic product called “Spark”

Let’s check it out.

tdgp18So what is Spark?

This is a collection of cinematic soundscapes, drones, ambiences, and impacts.

The library is geared towards TV, film, game, trailer, and media composers

Just think of it as a large sound fx, drone, and transition library.

It comes in KLI format for quick tweaking as well as multiple audio formats.

Quick Specs

  • content: 9.3GB (4.3GB WAV), 292 KLI Instruments
  • format: Kontakt 4, Kontakt 5, Rex, Wav, Apple, Acid, RMX
  • price: $129.95

So how does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThere are some pretty cool ambiences and drones in this library.

Nice transitions and funky sound fx loops as well.

The impacts are decent, but I’ve heard better elsewhere, of course this library isn’t dedicated to impacts either.

I do like the variety of sounds you get and working within the KLI with the fx or sliced loops allows you to be pretty flexible in a short amount of time.

Overall the sound delivers more of a “background” type of character to me, as not many sounds are loud or demanding.

So what’s the bottom line?

This is definitely a specialized library, and if you’re looking for these types of “filler” or “decorative” sounds then you’ll want to give it a shot.


I give Spark 4 out of 5 subs, I think the content sounds great and there is a enough variety to keep you busy with fx and other noises for a while.

Overall it really just depends on what you’re looking for, this would not be a “main” library in that there aren’t many musical elements in it. However if you like to spice things up with different noises and textures then it could definitely prove to be useful to you.

Go on over and checkout their demos on the site:Β;16;1:::::::512294:::D512294::517358

leave me a comment below and let me know what you think


  1. Hey sjoe been a while still keep up wit chat I was thinking may u could talk to some of the people who make this stuff an maybe suggest to them to make a Hi hat does what deity loops does for contact player or something I think that would make it a little alot easy to make the track in stead of spending time doing that thanks Joe an can I have a free copy of what they come up wit thanks

    • Thanks for checking fam, not sure what diety loops is but sounds like you’re looking for a hi hat library that has built in patterns or a way you can make rolls and such?

      • sorry joe i meant fruity loops i was in a hurry yeah but somthing like rmx or fruity loops so u get the fast hi hats or snare rolls but exslusive to that sort of function for kontack player or what ever works thamks just an idea cause it seems like evrybody just keep inventing the wheel wit sounds how bout new fucntions for the sounds thanks joe

  2. SJ: Big Fish Audio seems to have delivered another great product. From your video review,the various sounds are amazing. I agree with your rating of 4.0/5.0. Thanks for giving us a peep into this one.


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