Big Fish Audio Plush 2 review


Hey what’s up fam!

Another Friday has come so it’s time for some more Big Fish!

Today I’m checking out Plush 2.

So what is Plush 2?

plsh2-1It’s a new collection of Urban/R&B construction loops, riffs, drums, and samples.

As many new libraries from Big Fish, it comes in the KLI format for quick auditioning, tempo syncing, and effect manipulation.

The concept behind the library is to provide you a nice source of smooth, silky, R&B style samples and riffs.

They also give you patches for the drums, the individual kits, the individual sounds, and even some live drum loops to keep it versatile.

Plenty of content here for anyone into Smooth  R&B production


Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderTheir R&B titles always seem to hit the mark and I’m glad this one has a really smooth vibe to it.

For me I can grab a nice rhodes loop, guitar, string, or even some smooth drum samples thanks to the kits.

There’s plenty of variety in here but all the kits definitely lean more towards the smoother side of R&B

However for me, that’s not a problem as many R&B kits seem to mix in with Pop/Electronic…

as such…I’m glad to see something that stays focused on the smooth side of the spectrum.

So what’s the bottom line?

If you’re looking for smooth R&B samples and even a nice collection of drum sounds, then take a look at this one.

I love the organization of the files, especially since I can grab just the keys, or drums, or guitars very quickly.

4subsI give this library 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a solid quality library with plenty of content to keep you busy and an interface that makes it simple to tweak.

This is definitely a nice collection for anyone producing R&B style music.

Checkout their demos on the website and see what you think about it:

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  1. I like these KLI construction kits from big fish audio,mostly for the drums.It’s cool to have some pre-made drum kits for those times when you’re just too lazy to browse through all your sounds until you find drums that go well together.Do you know if is there any way to assign each drum from one of these kits to a separate channel in your daw ? The mixer they include in the kontakt interface is cool but you can’t do everything you want with it.

  2. Yeah, Thanks man – really cool!I like your Videos, but i wish you could make one Video about your favorite Libraries in Kontakt, becauase there is so much stuff that it is very diffucult keep the overview about it. This would be very nice ! Let me know what you think

  3. Saint Joe. Digging the Big Fish Friday segments. I just wished you would add the links to the Big Fish website for each library. It would make life some much easier when moving forward with purchase.

    • No doubt fam!

      Yeah I still do it, it just depends on the format of the library, usually when it’s just loops I do, but when it’s kontakt I prefer to show the interface. I was thinking I may start doing it with the KLI products, maybe using the sliced kits and such…since they are starting to organize them a lot better imo.

  4. I wish they would have made these into playable sounds not just loops. I don’t mess with loops that swine else made then call it my production, that’s just me. And if u would want to use some loops why would u want them in kontakt? Isn’t it easier to drag the loop in your daw and do wut u want? Idk…I like their sound kit packs like Swag.

  5. Yeah, people work all kinds of ways man, some people use the loops, some chop them up, some use it to play like notes, you still get the waves to chop up yourself also

  6. SJ: Big Fish has delivered again with Plush 2. As with it’s predecessor,the sounds and the included drums makes this one of the best RnB kits around. Thanks for peeping this one.

  7. St Joe – there is a way to spilt the one shots of the kit into separate channels in K5 using the group editor and the amplifier output. Too complicated to explain here. If interested, contact me and I can send details.

  8. Yes, I believe they were asking if it was setup specifically in the interface itself, of course if one wants to dig into the kontakt engine you could start routing at that level, many don’t want to go that deep into the interface though, thanks for the comment though fam!

  9. the only thing I like bout this is the drums & the guitars!!! all the other melodic instruments I can play myself!!! I love the drums though!!! #RT

  10. Love the review! I’m digging these cool R&B loops. Plush 2 seems like a great collection. Listening to the demos it sounds like there is good variety to choose from.

    Thanks for the review!


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