Boom and Bap: Beat Butcha Steroid Pack Review


Here’s another hard hitting drum pack from Beat Butcha, the same guy that brought us the Pure Protein drum series.

More of that hard hitting, punchy, gritty drum and percussion sound you’d expect.

He’s also thrown in plenty of fx, chords, and some chops for that extra seasoning.

As usual, this kit is aimed at anyone making Hip Hop, urban, boom bap style music, or anyone that needs some gritty, crunchy, hard hitting drum samples.

Quick Specs


  1. I got this joka. Haven’t even made it through all of the sounds yet. It could use some more hi hats though, but it’s solid. I those different drum sounds. You can only create so much with 808 kits. These drums are punchy and move the speaker with all kinds of different frequencies.

    • @DetranMusic, Yeah, I’m not really an 808 guy myself, stuff like this is more my flavor. I agree with the hats, but then I also have his other stuff so I can mix and match…and I also have an actual hi hat that I’ll play on tracks too lol. Thanks for the comment fam.

  2. Love his drums. I had to grab after I seen this. I think I have all of his drums now. True Boom Bap drums that hits hard. Yo, Great review as always!


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