Boom and Bap: Acoustic Samples Urban Drums Review


Acoustic Samples makes a lot of nice pianos, eps, bass, and guitar libraries, but they are also well known for their acoustic drum instruments.

This library is called “Urban Drums” and to me it has more of a warm, meaty, organic sound to it compared to other acoustic kits that may lean more towards the pop or rock styles.

If you’re looking for a nice thick sounding acoustic drum library that doesn’t sound too ambient or “rockish” then this may be one for you to consider.


Quick Specs

  • content: 1.4GB of oneshots plus 300MB of drum loops
  • format: Wav, Maschine, Reason
  • price: $84.00
  • purchase:


  1. the sound i’m looking for, although i’m not using any modern gear right now. if they had some warm congas, bongos, shakers, blocks, claps and percussion with it, it would be all i need.


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