Maschine Packs: 1970s Rogers Big R Dub Kit Review


mPack_DubKitThere’s lots of drum kits available, and many being made in Maschine format these days.

But often I get asked about actual acoustic kits for Maschine, not just samples random samples, but actual purpose made kits.

Well, Drum Drops is one of the companies actually making such kits. Their deep multi velocity kits are available directly in Maschine format.

This means you can get some really great sounding acoustic kit action without having to load up Kontakt or another drum plugin.

This Dub kit has a nice tone, rich acoustic sound, is definitely dynamic thanks to the multi velocity layering of the kit.

Quick Specs


  1. Why the heck doesn’t Native Instruments have kits like this already? Maybe even just Maschine-ready versions of their accoustic drums from Kontakt they already spent forever making? (Or do they already?)

    • Yeah I know this sounds amazing lol, I mean, it just depends on what you’re looking for. The abbey kits are decent, but as with each kit and producer, the recording, room, mics, etc, will all impact the sound or feel.

      I just dig this man, it’s very clean and detailed in my opinion. It feels like a Kontakt library but for Maschine. Very dynamic.

    • These guys at Drum Drops, all they do is drums man, they’re known for their loops but are also starting to do more kits and instruments as well. Their recordings are amazing.

  2. Man, i am really struggling to properly route the channels into logic…. i’m sure they could simplify the process. any good tuts out there Saintjoe?


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