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Soniccouture Xtended Piano review

I know you’re probably thinking “yet ANOTHER piano or keyboard library?!”

Well, this one is different, this is something for the sound design and experimental folks out there.

Soniccouture, no doubt, has some awesome stuff, I love them.

This library right here is definitely not what you think, it’s more of an experimental piano library

Let’s check it!

So what is Xtended Piano?

Basically it’s a Kontakt library dedicated to “prepared piano”.

That’s when they play the piano strings in various ways like using bows, mallets, plucking them, scrapping them, etc.

It’s used to give a more unique and different sound, which is great for sound design and experimental stuff.

So don’t expect this to be your traditional multi layered piano library perfect for concert solos….though.

You could use it for that if you wish, if you’re going for a super unique solo.

Quick Specs

  • content: 6GB (3.5gb ncw compressed)
  • format: Kontakt Player and Kontakt
  • price: $159

How does it sound?

I love it! It’s got  a really experimental sound to it.

Out of the main instruments, the plucked piano is my favorite, I like the attack sound of it mixed with the sustained release, really cool.

But then you have the various sound design patches…those things are awesome.

I’m talking about pads, strings, and even almost synth-like patches.

The mult-patches are lovely as well, some really nice layered pads and plucked instruments.

The way you can tweak the instruments with the included fx and various performance options really give this library a very creative and experimental sound.

So what’s the bottom line?

Now a library like this isn’t going to be for everyone, it’s definitely not your “normal” piano library.

However, if you’re looking at products from Soniccouture it’s safe to say you’re not always limiting yourself to what’s “normal”

I really love how creative they get with their libraries, the interfaces are amazing and the sounds just speak for themselves.

I give Xtended Piano 4.5 out of 5 subs, I really love the sound of it, and love how clean and crisp the interface is. It makes it quick to tweak and adjust to your liking.

At the end of the day, I’m a sound fanatic, and I am constantly inspired by new and unique sounds.

If you’re into ambient, experimental, sound design type music, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Go on over and checkout their demos:

leave me a comment below, let me know what you think

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8 Responses to “Soniccouture Xtended Piano review”

  1. jamari says:

    Nice review, yet again, that Choirish patch is hauntingly beautiful. I agree their stuff is fun, so much so that I’m not very productive as I keep finding myself distracted by new sounds, etc. It’s cool how Soniccoture seems to have patched dedicated specifically to fx’s for most of their catalog. I see that you have Pan Drums laying low on the side, that’s a nice choice for percussion. I’ll have to keep this on my radar for when the next sale hits, I’m trying to exercise restraint until N-I’s summer sale so I can cop K8 Ultimate. Now if I can only stay away from digging for vinyl at yard sales…*lol*

  2. richard says:

    man! this is crazy! but bad timing for my wallet…another one put at the top of the want list….good to see the S.C. scripts in action…been wondering about that “jammer”. (scriptorium is also on that want list) – i have a couple of freebie prepared pianos, but this blows them to pieces…

    • saintjoe says:

      @richard, yeah man, didn’t know what to expect, had it for a while just finally got around to showing it, just been having fun with it, it’s great. And yes, they have some awesome scripts too.

  3. Angelinni says:

    I have bowed piano from this serie, and it’s great. There`s an upgrade path to the full collection, I just mentioned it in case someone else have it )or other item) and didn’t notice it. Nice review as usual, SJ

  4. Baddboy2000 says:

    SJ: This piano series sounds great from your review. Thanks for giving us a closer look at the Xtended Piano.


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