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Review of the Mighty M5 synth library from Boxed Ear

Hey what’s good fam!

Got a new synth library for you, well, it’s been out for a while but it’s new to me!

If you like analog synth sounds, you’re gonna want to pay attention to this one

It’s the Mighty M5 library from Boxed Ear

Let’s check it out!

So what is the Mighty M5?

Mighty M5Do a quick Google search on Macbeth M5, and you’ll soon see what a beastly synth this library is built from.

The synth itself is monophonic, but not only did he sample mono sounds, he took some and turned it into polyphonic goodness (God bless technology!)

There is no fancy interface here…and you know I love a great interface, but even more than that I love a great sound.

This library has processed mono/poly sounds, raw mono/poly sounds, and even some raw waveforms.

So in short, it’s a quick shot of analog adrenaline for your digital toolbox.

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThese instruments have bite! That full, thick warmth and punch that many of us love from analog.

I’ll admit, I’m still one that feels like really good samples can do a better job of capturing the analog character than software modelling can, though both can do amazing things, I find when you have a really good set of samples of an analog synth it captures the intangible things that you can’t quite express with words.

This library has some fat leads, wild sfx/sequences, and some down right gorgeous pads.

Everything has a fullness and character that just makes you want to play with the sounds.

Sure having access to an interface would make it even more powerful, but for pure sound as it is, this thing sounds great. Even the raw waveforms can start you down the path of creation.

So what’s the bottom line?

I really love coming across companies like this (shout out to BBoyTechReport, I found it reading his site, go subscribe!), the smaller boutique guys that are doing exactly what they want to do no matter if anyone else likes it or not.

Fortunately, I’m sure many people are loving what Boxed Ear is doing as well.

4subsI give the Might M5 library 4 out of 5 subs, it’s got instant character, warmth, and a quality that you just don’t find everywhere when it comes to capturing analog synth sounds.

I honestly found myself not really missing a dedicated interface because the sounds give me the character I enjoy.

The bad part about this library is, it sounds great…but it makes me want to go search for the real thing now…and…from what I can tell, it’s not only hard to come by, but it’s got a nice heavy price tag to go with it.

For now I’ll be happy using the software version, and on the plus side I have something that owners of the actual synth do not….mines is polyphonic! (gotta make myself feel better somehow, since I don’t own an M5)

Go on over and check this joint out, as well as his other stuff, I’m sure I will be showing a lot more if they follow the same quality and character as this!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!

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16 Responses to “Review of the Mighty M5 synth library from Boxed Ear”

  1. Hammam Abdullah says:

    Nicethanks man

  2. Boundsx says:

    Nice! thanks for review.

  3. Uprightest says:


  4. Einhard Luther says:

    really good sounds.

  5. Aaron White says:

    This is an excellent product for those that have the full version of Kontakt. I wanted to ask you about good R&B libraries I could purchase? I don’t have the full version of Kontakt, unfortunately. I do have SWAGG as you already know. And how much will FUSE be?

    • saintjoe says:

      I don’t know how much FUSE will be price wise yet, but it should be nice, studiolinkedvst has some great stuff, but, they aren’t kontakt player libraries they require the full version

  6. homestudio66 says:

    do not miss a video your!!!

  7. dajudgementday says:


  8. Chris says:

    Hey Saintjoe, awesome find! This thing is a monster, and I can’t wait to dig in to those samples myself. With your talk about analogue sampling, I was wondering if you were familiar with Hollow Sun? Those folks sample some really dirty grimy stuff, and yet their interfaces always inspire and the sound quality is superb. To top it off, they sometimes have little $5 sample packs with custom interfaces that sound really special too. Hope you like what you see over there, and keep up the great work!



    • saintjoe says:

      Thanks for watching man!

      Yeah I’m familiar with them, I’ve been a fan back since when they made stuff for akai samplers, I used to use them then too, cool stuff for sure. They had this one collection that was just a HUGE library of vintage stuff, turned it into a vst, can’t remember the name though lol.


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