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Guess the synths and win a KORG Monotron DUO

Hey what’s up fam! So I have something fun I wanted to do.

You guys know I still like to use various hardware synths and modules, well I do got a lot of questions on why I get certain ones since many of them “do the same thing” or can do similar things.

For me, at the end of the day it’s all about variety of character, I feel each has it’s own inherent sound and character, not to mention workflow.

So I was doing something with some friends, sending them some raw wave notes from the different synths and having them guess which ones they were…and I thought it would be fun to do for the fam here on the site!

So basically the idea is this, you listen to the samples, you try to guess which synths they are, and whoever gets them all right first or whoever has the most right first by the time this is over, I will send you a KORG Monotron DUO

No this isn’t sponsored by Korg or any of the other companies, it’s just something fun I wanted to do on the site.

So here is the video:

The 4 synths used are the Waldorf Blofeld, Dave Smith Mopho, Novation Ultranova, and the Moog Minitaur.

So list you answers in the the comment section below, that’s the only way your entry will count!

so list them in numbered order with your answer:

1. answer

2. answer

3. answer

4. answer

Have fun, and good luck. And I plan to do more fun stuff like this.

** Only ONE entry per person**

All you scientist out there that want to get into pan laws and differences in converters and all that…save it, we’re just here having fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

138 Responses to “Guess the synths and win a KORG Monotron DUO”

  1. DVCPhung says:

    1. moog minitaur

    2. dave smith mopho

    3. novation ultranova

    4. waldorf blofeld

  2. Aleksandr says:

    I think the situation is like this:

    #1 – DSI Mopho

    #2 – Novation Ultranova

    #3 – Moog Minitaur

    #4 – Waldorf Blofeld

  3. G.E. says:

    1.Waldorf Blofeld
    2.Novation Ultranova
    3.Moog Minitaur
    4.Dave Smith Mopho

  4. sam says:

    lol i would say randonly , not easy to guess the only clue i know is the moog is a bass synth

    1. Moog minotaur

    2. Waldof Blofeld

    3. Novation Ultranova

    4 . Dave Smith Mopho

  5. chmurok says:

    1. Minitaur
    2. Blofeld
    3. Ultranova
    4. Mopho

  6. Mean Gene says:


  7. josh says:

    1) Mopho
    2) Minitaur
    3) Ultranova
    4) Blofeld

    *** Good Luck to everyone*** Including myself :)

  8. 1) Ultranova

    2) Blofeld


    4) Mofo

  9. 1. Minitaur
    2. Morpho
    3. Ultranova
    4. Blofeld

  10. Adrian says:

    1. moog minitaur
    2. dave smith mopho
    3. novation ultranova
    4. waldorf blofeld

  11. Flux302 says:

    1)casio sk1
    2) stylophone
    3) first act light action learning keyboard
    4) omnisphere

  12. Ghislain says:

    1. Mopho
    2. Ultranova
    3. Waldorf
    4. Moog

  13. David Ortolivo says:

    1: Novation Ultranova
    2: Waldorf Blofeld
    3: Moog Minitaur
    4: Dave Smith Mopho

  14. Dustin says:

    1. Mopho
    2. Blofield
    3. UltraNova
    4. Minitaur

  15. Quinn says:

    1. mopho
    2. blofeld
    3. ultranova
    4. minitaur

  16. Haralduz7 says:

    Actually I have no idea, but let’s try this:

    1. Dave Smith Mopho
    2. Novation Ultranova
    3. Moog Minotaur
    4. Waldorf Blofeld

  17. Mistawil says:

    1. Mopho
    2. Moog
    3. Waldorf
    4. Ultranova

    Thanks Joe!!!

  18. Nekkron99 says:

    And face

  19. Richard says:

    1. moog
    2. u.n.
    3. mopho
    4. blofeld

  20. Vividrush says:


    That’s my entry.

  21. Nekkron99 says:

    I’m changing my entry.

    1. MPC Ren
    2. Maschine 2.0
    3. MiniBrute
    4. Shenanigans

  22. kmicu says:

    1. Novation Ultranova
    2. Waldorf Blofeld
    3. Dave Smith Mopho
    4. Moog Minotaur

  23. Uncle Vinnie says:


  24. B.Isaac says:





  25. Dave says:

    Total guess:

    1 โ€“ DSI Mopho

    2 โ€“ Novation Ultranova

    3 โ€“ Moog Minitaur

    4 โ€“ Waldorf Blofeld

  26. Karl Toby Rosenberg says:

    1 Moog Minitaur

    2 DSI Mopho

    3 Novation Ultranova

    4 Waldorf Blofeld

  27. Budget says:

    1 Moog Minitaur
    2 Novation Ultranova
    3 Waldorf Blofeld
    4 DSI Mopho

  28. Cameron says:

    1. Moog minotaur

    2. Waldof Blofeld

    3. Novation Ultranova

    4. Dave Smith Mopho

  29. Corey says:

    1.Moog minotaur

    2.Dave Smith Mopho

    3.Waldof Blofeld

    4.Novation Ultranova

  30. Gary Seviour says:

    They all sound very different.
    Heres my guess (my reason for choosing in brackets):
    1. Moog (the fattest)
    2. Blofeld (the hardest edge)
    3. Mopho (the most interesting)
    4. Ultranova (The most digital sounding)

    Ofcourse i could be completely wrong. It will be fun to find out what they really are.

  31. 1. waldorf blofeld
    2. dave smith mopho
    3. novation ultranova
    4. moog minitaur

  32. brian says:

    1. Waldorf Blofeld
    2. Dave Smith Mopho
    3. Moog Minitaur
    4. Novation Ultranova

  33. John F says:

    1. Minitaur
    2. Novation
    3. Mopho
    4. Blofeld

    Minitaur’s gotta be the first I feel like Novation and mopho are more raspy then the blofeld so I’m guessing they are 2 and 3.

  34. James E. says:

    1. Novation
    2. Minitaur
    3. Mopho
    4. Blofield

  35. fleshback says:


    Quick feeling. fun game.

  36. GetFletch says:

    1. Novation Ultranova
    2. Moog Minitaur
    3. Waldorf Blofeld
    4. Dave Smith Mopho

  37. BenWay says:

    1. Dave Smith Morpho

    2.Waldorf Blofeld

    3.Moog Minitaur

    4.Novation Ultranova

  38. Jesse J says:

    1. Minitaur
    2. Ultranova
    3. Blofeld
    4. Mopho

  39. Tim O'Neal says:

    1. Minitaur
    2. Blofeld
    3. Ultranova
    4. Mopho

  40. CJTheMaestro says:

    4.ultra nova

  41. Howard Kyambadde says:

    1. Novation Ultranova

    2. Waldof Blofeld

    3. Moog minotaur

    4 . Dave Smith Mopho

  42. john says:

    1 the moog mini
    2 dave smith mopho
    3 waldorf biofeld
    4 ultra nova

  43. Art60 says:

    1. What if
    2. I pay
    3. International
    4. Shipping fees ?

  44. Dimitris T. says:

    1. Novation Ultranova

    2. Waldof Blofeld

    3. Moog minotaur

    4. Dave Smith Mopho

  45. drobot says:


  46. Atlanta Redd says:

    1. Waldorf Blofeld
    2. Moog Minitaur
    3. Dave Smith Mopho
    4. Novation Ultranova

  47. GKMC says:


  48. Hope it’s not too late.

    1. Moog Minitaur
    2. Novation Ultranova
    3. DSI Mopho
    4. Waldorf Blofeld

    I’m probably way off, but thanks for hosting this! You can still send me one anyway St Joe!! LOL…

  49. 1) Minitaur 2) blofeld 3) Ultranova 4) Mopho

    I’m probably later than anyone else saying that. I quite fancy a monotron delay also as they seem quite fun!

    Good luck all!

  50. iam4dolo says:

    1.Moog Minitaur
    2.Novation Ultranova
    3.Waldorf Blofeld
    4.Dave Smith Mopho

  51. Stephen says:


  52. Baddboy2000 says:

    SJ: Let try..

  53. Marcin says:

    1 – Moog
    2 – Dave Smith Mopho
    3 – Blofeld
    4 – Novation

    1 – fat sound
    4 – good sound
    2 – bad sound
    1 – ugly, digital sound


  54. Lisaart02 says:

    1. Mopho
    2. Moog
    3. Waldort Blofeld
    4. Novation Ultra Nova

  55. 1:Novation Ultranova
    2:Moog Minitau
    3:Waldorf Blofeld
    4:Dave Smith Mopho,

  56. Martin says:

    1 Moog
    2 Mopho
    3 Novation
    4 Blofeld

    Thanks for a fun contest!

  57. Jim says:

    1. Moog
    2. Blofeld
    3. Novation
    4. Mopho

    Thanks for your informative, educational and inspirational site and for this fun contest, Saint Joe!

  58. Amy says:

    1: moog minitaur
    2: waldorf blofeld
    3: ultranova
    4: dave smith mopho


  59. Art60 says:

    1. Moog Minitaur
    2. Blofeld
    3. Ultranova
    4. Mopho

    Thanks for running this fun contest over a week time so I can lend my hands on my home keyboard during the week end.

  60. Art60 says:

    As these are the latest minutes of the contest, I had a little count from the above entries :
    55 answers (for those who entered the proposed synths, I really laughed at the others, thank you all)
    The most voted for (9 votes) is
    1) Moog, 2) Waldorf, 3) Ultranova, 4) Mopho
    But if I may vote again, there are 3 entries no one ever vote for.
    And I think StJoe is devil enough ๐Ÿ˜‰ to have tweaked some settings to make a synth be heard like another one and reverse ๐Ÿ˜‰
    So below are my 3 last votes so any of the 24 combinations would have been voted for ๐Ÿ˜‰

  61. Art60 says:

    1) Bolfeld
    2) Ultranova
    3) Mopho
    4) Moog

  62. Art60 says:

    1) Mopho
    2) Moog
    3) Ultranova
    4) Bolfeld

  63. Art60 says:

    1) Ultranova
    2) Mopho
    3) Moog
    4) Bofeld

    Just to fill in the blanks ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for enjoying us, StJoe !!!

  64. enigmaticmusic says:

    1.Moog minitaur
    2.dave smith mopho
    3.novation ultranova
    4.waldorf blofeld

  65. Lad says:

    1/Moog miniatur
    2/Dave smith Mopho
    3/novation ultra nova
    4/Waldorf Blofeld


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