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Free exclusive synth arp loop download from

Yo whas good! You know from time to time we get some of our friends and companies that like to give us free sounds exclusively!

Today I have a pack of free synth/arp loops from

No strings attached, just some freebies for the SoundsAndGear fam!

Here they are: MVP Loops free synth loops

They also still have their 50% off sale going on through the end of February….make sure you hit that up.

Use code: MVP50

Holla at you later!

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25 Responses to “Free exclusive synth arp loop download from”

  1. weeny says:

    first link doesnt work B

  2. Pat says:

    Still not working :) Just shows some XML info.

  3. Pat says:

    Yup, I got em thanks.

  4. weeny says:

    yep thx, you the man

  5. weeny says:

    found something else though :P
    when i write a comment amd jot submit comment, it says “writing the comment, please wait a COMMENT” should be moment i guess lol
    yea i’m a smart ass today, sry =)

    • saintjoe says:

      @weeny, wow lol thanks, software smh….Dunno if I can fix that myself or not lol, may be build into the code man lol. Now it’s gonna bug me FOREVER till it’s fixed…thanks! ahahaha.

  6. BigTone says:

    Good lookin on the sounds bro…1

  7. DJ Jambone says:

    Thank’s saint…For the loops man. You know I can always use some good loops. Oh yah! By the way… Last time I talk about a vocal effect set up for a live sound, I’ve found something that might interest some. Behringer has a midi foot pedalboard controller. Well, if you are like I am in to every thing this just might be it. My plan is to let artists control their own vocal and instrument effects of my software with this device live on stage. I’ll let you know soon how it turn’s out. Maybe the device can control Certain features in the maschine and abelton live 8 in a live performance.

  8. sky says:…u always comeing threw,and good luck in Cali.

  9. Wadood says:

    Your The Best St8 Up

    Peace from Saudi Arabia


  10. D'ante Stanton says:


  11. Nice. Much appreciated.

  12. Thanks for the sounds. I truly appreciate it. This will come in real handy.


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