Interview: The Daydream Sound – Production, Performance, & Vintage Ensoniq Samplers


Hey what’s good fam!

Back with another interview for you, this one is with TDS aka TheDayDreamSound. I’ve been watching this guy on YouTube for years, and I came across him one day from a video he did on the ASRX.

Well, I was hooked and just really enjoy his content plus the fact that he creates content based on what he likes, ย which just happens to include a bunch of vintage Ensoniq samplers!

We talk about how he got started in music, becoming an engineer, producer, and collecting vintage samplers. ย We also get into performance and music creation in general.

Check it out and make sure to visit him at as well as on TheDayDreamSound YouTube Channel


On the go? Prefer audio format? Check out the podcast!

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